Exchanges and Temple Trip

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Dear family and friends,

It's been pouring rain for most of the past week! And it's Thanksgiving this week (US)! And we put up the Christmas trees and decorations at the Visitors Center! Haha. But really. It's just rain season here now that it's winter in Hawaii. And I kind of wish I had short rain boots to wear so my feet don't get so wet from walking around in sandals haha. 

Last Thursday I went on companion exchange with our sister training leader(STL) Sister Ting! That's always fun because it's nice to switch things up, but also because she serves with the YSA Branches on BYU Hawaii campus (we serve in family wards). Sister Buday and I usually walk but Sister Ting rides her bike, so we rode bikes to campus. We met with a dorm of girls, one of them is actually a basketball player on the women's team. It's so fun being around people our age because they're way easier to relate to. In the evening, we rode our bikes to a married couple's home for dinner and we wore ponchos because it was raining. My feet were soaked.. and then when we got back my camera fell(it was in its case though) and won't turn on now :( 

That morning we also went inside the Laie Temple! It's a smaller temple compared to the Toronto one but it was still great. I love going in temples because I always feel so much peace and comfort inside. And I'm so grateful for the opportunity to go once every month with the other missionaries. And for other visitors to come feel the peace as well and learn more about why temples are so important to us. :)

One super awesome but funny(to me) experience this week was a Chinese tour from Beijing that came in a few days ago. I was the only Chinese speaking sister on shift so I was overwhelmed because I didn't really know who to talk to, but it didn't matter since they wandered on their own anyways. Typical of Chinese tourists, they took a ton of pictures. But one couple, about the age of my parents I guess, grabbed me and wanted to take a picture with me because they kept saying I was pretty. It was so weird/embarrassing! But then another two ladies took pictures with me too and all of them took a Book of Mormon with them happily when they left. But one lady came back because she thought she misplaced her phone in the bathroom and it wasn't there anymore, so she was freaking out. But her friend realized it was in her pants pocket. Then she was embarrassed and gave us a hug but they were really sweet tourists. In total we gave out like 7 Book of Mormons! Sister Buday said I remind her of Mulan... I hope to meet more tours like that, where they actually care about what we have to share.

As I was spending time online, I watch a lot of Mormon Messages and videos on Instead of a scripture this week, you should watch these two videos I really like. I didn't even realize there were so many of these to watch until I came on my mission! But they always help me understand the gospel better and feel His love for me. :)

I know this doesn't look cool..but we had a potluck and I was helping Sister Ozaki with the better for Takoyaki (Google it)
Sister Buday and I in front of the temple

Emily/Sister Lee and I 

Sister Ting and I after we rode in the rain haha

Before we braced the rainstorm...

Random throwback to the MTC because these friends are awesome! :) Elder Wu, Elder Tedrow, Sister Furukawa and I

Have a wonderful week! :)

Sister Wu

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