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Aloha everyone!

This last week was full of miracles (there are always miracles, but sometimes I just don't notice)! So for about two weeks, I wasn't able to make calls online to anyone, but had to have Sister Leng add me to her calls, so it was really hard for me to reach people. But the MTC Support were working on it and on Saturday, it was fixed! So grateful for them. Prayers work! Haha. Oh and other news, last week I caught a pretty bad cold, and my voice is still recovering. The Sunday before last week, we biked with a poncho on to church, but the AC is always strong at church, so I think that's how I got it... so I was congested but also had a sore throat. As a missionary, especially here in the VC, we talk so much every single day, and I felt so horrible because I sounded like a frog, and sometimes I had to talk louder so people could hear me. So my congestion cleared up, and I've been drinking lots of water to help with my voice, so hopefully tomorrow it will sound like normal once again! 

YSA area:
1) We had a lesson with Ar Lon, and bumped into Jared, a returned missionary who served in Taiwan, outside the building. We invited him to our lesson, and he really helped Ar Lon to recognize the role of the Spirit. We planned to teach him something else, but focused on how he can receive answers to His prayers, and recognizing how he truly feels. It was like divine intervention, because Dixon couldn't make it that night (the friend that usually comes).

1) Number one miracle is that I survived the week, with about 30% voice capacity to speak, and gave Chinese tours, and other tours, and my voice didn't give out! I'm so grateful for my companion Sister Leng, for being so understanding and patient, as well as other Chinese speaking sisters who helped me out on shift because I literally couldn't talk for that long very loudly. Such a blessing to serve with all of them :)

2) I had two online converts this week! BJ met with the missionaries since the end of May, and I've been keeping in touch with him since then, but haven't heard from him in a month or so, but he got baptized in the end of July! Bethany is more around my age, and she wanted to learn more because she saw something really happy about YouTubers who were Mormon, and she has so much faith and such a strong testimony of this restored gospel, despite having parents and even a best friend who didn't support her decision. It's not easy to make decisions that family or friends don't support, but the moment we know for ourselves that this restored gospel is the truth, and that God has a plan for us to return to live with Him, then we know what to do. It is so fun to be a part of the process and truly helping others to strengthen their conversion, and to see their happiness. They have both expressed just how happy they are. And that is our joy. :)

3) We had a taco party last week because we reached all our VC goals, but we're having another party this week because we did it again! Haha :) The Swintons (VC Director) have their son and his family visiting too, and they have one adopted little two year old boy from Hubei (where I'm from in China). Soooo cute. 

4) After my voice was better, I called a few people, and explained to a woman some misconceptions she heard about our church haha. I think it's just so cool people can be comfortable to submit their information on to learn more or to receive a free Book of Mormon, and we can help them to truly understand and prepare to meet with local missionaries. Not everyone will be open, but at least with our contact, they can know from someone who is a member. 

5) On Wednesday, I had a mini exchange at the VC with Sister Dabney. It was probably the day I overused my voice a ton, because it started dying on Tuesday night, but I didn't want to cancel the exchange. So we had lots of fun practicing together the tram script and role-playing, and she's doing super great at learning! Literally a miracle my voice lasted throughout that day, couldn't have done it without the help of Heavenly Father haha.


It's been raining a lot this past week actually, on and off, but yesterday a loooot, and last night. Trying to keep myself dry but hydrated. Thank goodness for rain ponchos. I lost my umbrella so I need a new one :(

I looove serving here, and Sister Leng and I are trying to do more tours together or online teaching (throughout our shift, especially because of Chinese tours, we split, and evening time when it's super busy). She's so good at being bold and clear in her teaching, and we have lots of fun together (despite me being sick, she's still really funny to be around). I can't believe all the miracles that happened this week despite the fact I was sick with a sore throat; reminds me of how God works with us imperfect servants, to do His work, and to help others come closer to Christ. What a blessing :) Funny how it's only when we lose something, we realize how important it is. Like my voice. Haha

Scripture of the week: D&C 68:6
"Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come."


Sister Leng, me, Sister Swinton, their son Dr. Swinton (marriage therapist), and Elder Swinton. Dr. Swinton gave us training this morning on how to love our companions and have healthy communication. I learned soo much. The root of all problems in a relationship is selfishness and when we listen to each other, it must be for the intent of understanding, and not proving one is more right than the other. 
Candid photo, Sister Leng writing in her journal, our window has a great view of the temple so she loves sitting here :)

With Sister Dabney and Sister Allen!

We had a service project cleaning up one of the apartments the sisters live in (really deep cleaning). And with the help of ten or so sisters, we got it done! Yay!

Sister Meyer (the Relief Society President from my ward in Kaneohe), treated for lunch on Friday. Sister Lee and Sister Nielsen in the back, and Sister Lor and Sister Lee taking our picture. This was right after cleaning, so we're dressed in service clothes haha. And we're wearing our matching Zone tees.

Sister Wu

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