Mele kalikimaka!

8:40:00 PM

^That means Merry Christmas in Hawaiian.

Being in a trio is super fun. Sister Castaneda is step-training me and she's already taught me a lot. Last week I had my first full-length lesson in Hawaii haha. We taught an investigator from the Marshall Islands about the law of tithing and fast offerings. It always takes a little time developing companion unity in a trio (I was in a trio in the MTC too) but thankfully everything we said was crystal clear to him and he said he would follow that commandment. Sister Yeung extended the baptism invitation to him but he wants to wait for his wife to come so they can get baptized together. 

I've already learned so much from both my companions. Sister Castaneda basically told us her whole life story the first day she moved in, and she's been through trials I never imagined. She had stomach cancer twice in her life, almost became a professional soccer player but came on her mission instead, and shared other experiences that helped her come closer to Christ and strengthen her testimony. I know that no matter what trials we face, they are for our learning and to strengthen our faith in our Heavenly Father. Because He has a plan for all of us as long as we do our best to follow and show our love for Him. :)

Last Friday, the newest sisters were able to go to the "Ha - The Breath of Life" night show at the Polynesian Cultural Center so that we could familiarize ourselves and answer any guest questions we could have from the tram tours. We couldn't take pictures during the show but it's the best live show I've ever seen! All the students really inspire me because the night show performers work almost every night of the week (mostly international students) to pay for school. I'm so  grateful that the PCC could provide that employment for them too.

Christmas is almost here! And we've been getting a lot more guests in the Visitors Center! :) Last week Sister Wang came and visited Sister Lee and me. It's nice to see a familiar face, and thanks for the Christmas card from the Bayview Relief Society! It was also my birthday so I'm finally 20 years old, but birthdays don't feel like birthdays on a mission because we're so busy haha. I'm so grateful to everyone that wished me a happy birthday or sent me a letter/package. Mahalo! (thanks in Tongan). 

I wrote "He was born so I can know how to love all, just as He did." Christmas is a time to rejoice because Jesus Christ was born for each one of us. Because I'm striving to know Him better and follow in His example, I can have charity - the love of Christ, and know a love greater than man can have. Because I have felt His love for me. And that love is extended with open arms to everyone, if they choose to follow Him. I know that this is a special season, but it doesn't have to be just one day. We can center our lives on Jesus Christ every day and remember Him. I'm so grateful to know that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored through the prophet Joseph Smith, and for our living prophet today, Thomas S. Monson. 

No scripture of the week, but you should watch these three videos :)

He was born so I can know how to love all, just like Him.

Sister Yeung, Sister Castaneda, and I

Last preparation day on the Canoe tour at the PCC!

 You know it's been a good missionary day when you look like this...hahaha

After the night show with some performers!

The "babies" (new)sisters before we headed to the night show. Our visitors center director and his wife came with us too.

Mele kalikimaka! And have a great Christmas break as well!

Sister Wu

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