Easter - "Come, follow me"

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This week has been super busy/eventful! But definitely a week of tender mercies. We had exchanges with the sister training leaders, Zone Conference, and the General Women's Broadcast.

We haven't been able to contact Bryan for more than a week, but we finally talked to him, and he pretty much dumped us and said "it's not you, it's me." I'm sad to say, I kind of knew it was coming because he was avoiding us...but it's okay, maybe it's not his time. Bowe and Kiona (11 and 13) are doing great though! We committed them last time to do family prayers daily and they've done it every day. Kahea, the girl about our age, has been busy so we haven't been able to see her yet.

Monday: We got a phone call from a guy named Eric in the marine corps that needed a priesthood blessing (he was an inactive member). We figured we should ask Brother Threet to come with us since he's in the military too. Turns out they're next door neighbors! Funny how Heavenly Father always sets a plan in motion haha.

Tuesday: As we were trying to meet a potential investigator the elders found a few weeks before, we met his mom, who pretty much told us in a not straightforward way, that she was going on the path to heaven, and that we were going to hell, because we don't believe Jesus Christ is God... fun stuff huh.
Wednesday: Exchanges with Sister Biggs! We did a lot of tracting and met a few good people :) In the evening, we had a meeting with our ward mission leader, Brother Long, who is super awesome. He created a small booklet so we can refer to it when we do chapel tours.

Thursday: This day was pretty awesome! We were originally going to do weekly planning, but then we went to visit Sabrina and Jocelyn instead. Their dad grew up in the church, never baptized though, so we met with his daughters and they're interested in learning. So we had an awesome lesson with the plan of salvation, and focused on the Atonement and our purpose here. The best part was when Jocelyn told us she wanted to say the closing prayer! Annnnd! She reads the Book of Mormon at school! Totally a tender mercy haha. In the afternoon, we baked loaves of bread, rolls, and cookies for the families we're currently visiting. Sister Meyer invited us to bake since she just got a new KitchenAid mixer. Backing reminded me of times when I helped Miriam bake back at BYU. It was a crazy rainy few days too! Just pouring.

Friday: Zone Conference in Laie. The whole mission received a new system in our cars called Tiwi; it's like a blackbox that warns us if we speed or drive aggressively. So far so good! They have it in the Toronto Mission, so I was surprised they didn't have it here when I arrived. Sister Blackner is the driver haha. We had a really awesome training from President Warner about combatting discouragement and planning more specifically for people's needs. When we have a good "battle plan," it's easier for the Spirit to be felt :) Two hours in, the power went out so we had lunch with candlelight hahaha. But then it came back! It was nice to see the VC sisters again, and so many new faces too.

Saturday: We decided to do some tracting in our area, and Heavenly Father totally helps soften people's hearts to talking with us. We met a really cool guy named Clint and his friend Sunny. I think Sister Blackner was following her stomach more than the Spirit ;) They were stirring a pot of kalua pig because it's a family catering business. They were really nice and we sampled some and Clint said we could come back next time when they do it again and put the pig in the imu. We found out he's also Bowe and Kiona's godfather! Small town haha. In the afternoon, we met Bonnie and at first she wasn't interested, but by the end of our conversation she said we could come back. :)

In the evening, we had a stake activity before the General Women's Broadcast and all the wards had one Young Women virtue table with food of that color on them. In Hawaii, they go all out with food haha. Sister Blackner and I were really looking forward to some divine counsel I guess. And I loved that the main theme was service and seeking ways to serve the people around us. Instead of looking in the mirror at ourselves, we have to look through the windows and focus on others. I know that serving others is how we can be happy, become more like Christ, and show our love for Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for the general presidency, because I know that all the teach us is what He would want us to know.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday, and we've been sharing the Easter video on mormon.org with others. As I sat in sacrament, I pondered about the power of the Atonement and all that Jesus Christ has done for all of us. Because He was resurrected, we will be too one day. But that's unconditional. The Atonement is conditional, so the powers and strength we can receive is based on our willingness to seek it, have faith, repent, be baptized, and endure to the end. Because He has suffered through everything we have and will go through in this life, He is the only one who can understand completely our experiences. I've seen the enabling strength of the Atonement used in my life and within my family. I know that Heavenly Father never intended us to face life's trials alone, and the Atonement is what helps us face them without fail. I'm so grateful for His love for me and for everyone.

What a time of year to celebrate :) Since this is my second transfer in Kaneohe, I'm likely to go back to the VC next transfer(in two weeks). I love this area so much and serving with Sister Blackner. The work is moving along, and I know that as we keep relying on Him and be obedient, we can be His instruments :)

Scripture of the week: Matthew 25:40
"Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

Laie Temple...because it's beautiful :)

Thought this was funny.


After the rain soaked in the car...haha

Sister Biggs

Our dinner rolls!

After the power came back, VC sisters unite!

That's Sunny, and kalua pig!

Eating banana loompia, a Filipino food.

Before the broadcast

Easter selfie!

Easter treats from the Longs, Bro. Long is awesome at drawing!

Much aloha,
Sister Wu

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