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Dear all,

I feel like I've been on my mission for longer than two weeks, probably because it's what we do every single day! We spend so much time focused on the needs of the people we're about to teach, and how we could teach them with the Spirit. We plan, find, teach, eat, and sleep and the day repeats. Literally haha. Sometimes when we teach the same lesson to different people and it feels a little repetitive, but we teach it slightly different according to the person (does that make sense?). The weather's been kind of weird, super sunny on some days, and a few rainy days. But the sunsets from our window is just beautiful! I seriously need to try another computer in this library and pray my camera connects...Sigh sorry!

On Thursday, we had Zone Conference! Since it was held in London, we could sleepover with the London YSA Sisters! It was fun being with other girls haha. It's held by the mission president and his wife, and the APs(assistant to pres) help train us too. I think there were around 50 missionaries that were there. We did a few different role plays, to focus more on working with the church members hand in hand rather than separating missionary work so distinctly from member missionary work. Role play is kind of scary because I feel pretty inexperienced still at teaching haha. Our first one was asking for referrals from members that were volunteering from that ward. Sister Nabhan(my companion) asked President Clayton to give us an example, and he did it so perfectly and with such Christ-like love, like always :)

I think one of the major lessons I took away from Zone Conference was the way we communicate with everyone - returning members, investigators, and active members. It's so important that we show that we love them and talk to them in a way that shows how much we care! And definitely to talk less awkwardly when asking for referrals. The most important aspect of teaching and communicating with anyone on a mission is that we have the Holy Spirit to be our guide, so we're not really doing the bulk of the teaching. And that it's really important to get to know others so we can teach them better, according to their needs and progress. My testimony of the gospel really was strengthened from the wonderful examples of the other missionaries that attended too, and I learned so much from practicing role plays.

This week, we also had the opportunity to have a member meal (free food for us) with Sister Fox. She shared a ton of stories with us since she's experienced in life (she's in her 70s probably). The first one really stood out to me though. One day, many years ago, she went to the temple to do an endowment session and heard a prompting saying "You need to go buy yourself a house" (sounds weird right? haha) but it wasn't a voice from anyone near her! So for the next few months, she tried to obey this prompting from Heavenly Father and searched for a house not too far from Toronto(where she worked) that fit her budget. It seemed almost impossible because her budget was low and she had to pay back $40K of debt but she finally met a builder in Guelph that could build her new house with her budget. It's crazy how much faith she had, since at any time in those months, she could have just given up. She didn't have ANY money for a down payment, but agreed to pay Terry (the builder) with pre-dated checks every 2 weeks. He was super hesitant, but agreed to do it that way. Little did she know that he hadn't made a sale in nearly 2 years! The next time she came back to meet the architect and see the progress of the house, Terry had sold almost 2 streets worth of houses just by using the method she used to pay. The Lord really works in miraculous ways! Her faith and reliance on Heavenly Father is such a great example to me.

She also shared about her two children, who are adults now too. Her son stopped talking to her when he was in high school because she said he couldn't sell drugs at her door (makes complete sense) and still doesn't talk to her to this day! And he told her that she couldn't attend his wedding or see his children. It really breaks my heart to hear that, because families are so central to Heavenly Father's plan of happiness. I'm grateful for mine and I doubt I could ever just stop talking to my parents. Sister Fox had such courage just to share that and still listened to her son's wishes; I can't even imagine how hard it must've been for her. I could never understand her son, but we can only pray that he understands his parents love one day.

Anyway, sorry that was kind of depressing. I love listening to old people's life experiences. I wish I could do that more often haha. We also met with a returning member named Jeff, and he spilled his story on how he started learning about our church. He was on the worst path of life, doing drugs, and other things that are probably really bad, and he was on probation too, and he was desperately searching for a friend, really. He tried calling all the churches in the area but nobody would talk to him, for one reason or another. But his co-worker said he could meet with the missionaries, and that's exactly what he did. Jeff felt that the missionaries really listened and loved him, despite his past. And he prayed to know the truth for himself, and now here he is :)

I'll leave you guys with a scripture I came across that I really like and it's from the Book of Mormon. :)

And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." - Ether 12:27

I know that I have so much to improve to be a great missionary (I mean, duh, I'm still so new), but I know that as I put in my effort, Heavenly Father will strengthen my weaknesses. I know that when I teach, it's the Holy Spirit that helps me say what needs to be said. I love this gospel so much and I know that it can change lives. I'm excited to work hard and teach others so they can come closer to Christ and feel His love :) Have a great week everyone!

Sister Wu

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