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Happy Chinese New Year! :) 
...maybe we'll eat some Chinese food today haha. I can't believe that it's February what!

This week we've been trying to visit members of the ward to meet them, as well as part-member families to introduce ourselves. The funny thing is how everyone is surprised to see us because they're used to seeing elders from the ward. On Wed we were able to go out with the Relief Society President, Sister Meyer, to pretty much do visiting teaching, but seeing less active sisters. She called it "Heart to Home", which is pretty cute haha. I've realized that it's so important to just listen, even if they talk for more than an hour long(it's hard to take control of the conversation sometimes without being abrupt), and these sisters have opened up their lives to us. By the end of that afternoon, I just felt overloaded a bit, but have been strengthened by their experiences. Sister Meyer is so awesome because she knows all of these sisters so well and built a trust and friendship that developed over time I'm sure. Some of them have gone through experiences that I think would be SO difficult to handle, but the knowledge of the gospel and the plan of salvation really helps us have peace. It's so sad to see families that have stopped going to church for many years just for no particular reason besides being "busy." Slowly we get comfortable and the Spirit just doesn't dwell with us anymore. And we forget the importance of taking the sacrament and going to church :(

Yesterday was our first Sunday in the ward since last week was Stake Conference (several wards gather). In Gospel Principles we learned about the Creation and how this beautiful world we live in was created by our Savior, Jesus Christ, and it's the physical manifestation of His love for each and every one of us. How it takes a more special meaning because He was both the Creator and the Savior of the world. He could have just given us the bare minimum to survive and live here, but He gave us so much more to appreciate and marvel at. That never really dawned on me until now, but I have a new sense of understanding. Brother Hirokawa also mentioned (not really a part of the lesson) how the symbolism of the person baptizing represents the members of the church lifting and supporting the person being baptized. That's how important fellowshipping is when we invite investigators to church. Bishop Chun is really awesome because he's always thinking of how we can fellowship less-active families or investigators with active families that they would relate to. At the end of the day, church should feel like a family and place to be uplifted and remember the Savior's Atonement.

Anyway, we were able to hike up to a beautiful waterfall this morning with some other missionaries and I was reminded of our lesson at church yesterday :) I'm really excited to teach with Sister Blackner because this ward is like a goldmine, with people to visit and less-active members to re-activate. And teach new investigators of course. Salvation isn't cheap and we have to continually strive to progress and show our obedience and love to Heavenly Father. The gospel is the greatest gift that we can share with others and I'm so privileged to be here to share it. It's funny how some people don't believe us when we share our beliefs just based on what they've heard...but their loss.

Scripture of the week: D&C 4:7
"Ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you."

So we took a wrong turn and ended up going on the highway for half an hour, so I looked at the ocean and the mountain range haha.

The Koffords balcony has this view of the ocean so we had to take a picture! They are the cutest (in their 80s)


Waterfall selfie (me and Sister Blackner in the middle)

Sister Wu

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