Standing as a witness of Christ at all times

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This past week we had exchanges with the sister training leaders, attended the church Valentines Day Dinner/Dance( '60s themed), and watched a regional broadcast for church on Sunday. And yesterday was President's Day, so we're writing today since the library was closed yesterday.

During the week, we invited less-active families to the Valentine's party so they could have more incentive to start coming to church again haha. But also because it ended up being a lot of fun, and everyone dressed up like it was the '60s. On the days that we planned to visit someone and we couldn't catch them home, we ended up having really great conversations with the people around. We did a survey approach where it only takes like a minute and we would ask questions about the family and church, and it brought out discussion about our beliefs. It's so interesting how Heavenly Father has prepared people in our paths when we do the work and are guided by the Spirit. We're going to see a guy named Travis this afternoon we found that way :)

Sunday was Valentine's day and we had church at 8 am to watch the broadcast! I loved the speakers, which included Elder Hamula from the General Authority Seventy, and Elder Renlund, one of the Twelve Apostles. They talked about how the way we live the gospel, like obeying the word of wisdom, or why we believe family is so important, all relates back to the restoration of the gospel. That revelation, receiving direction from Heavenly Father to a modern day prophet, is real and the key to our whole religion. And Sister Oscarson shared that we should always be living as a disciple of Christ, and not be ashamed of the standards set. If someone was observing how we acted for a few hours, would they think we were disciples of Christ? Their talks made me think about how easy it is to "chuck religion at the door," but that happiness is only found when we are always obedient to the standards of God. We should live the gospel proudly! :) I love listening to the general authorities because everything they say to us helps us grow, and learn to be better.

We continued to visit people, and one was a super less active family that were never baptized actually. We had a lesson with Sabrina, the oldest daughter (17) and found out her other sister Jocelyn was super interested in learning more about our church because she learned so much from Young Women's Camp last year. Their dad is just satisfied with life right now I guess, and had a nonchalant attitude about prayer and church almost. But the miracle was he volunteered to say the closing prayer! And when we left he said something like "don't believe you can convert me now" haha. Funny how seeds of faith are planted but people don't even realize it. His daughters are super busy because they're really involved in sports, but we're praying for them to have some time so we can teach them more.

Recently I've been praying in my heart for opportunities to practice my Mandarin now that I'm out of the VC. A lot of people in Kaneohe have Chinese ancestry but don't actually speak any Mandarin. Right after we left Sabrina's house, we said Aloha to an old Chinese couple, and they said "no English, Chinese" so of course I started talking with them! Hahaha they were really sweet and I got to know them and about their family and what they believe about religion. They didn't seem interested in learning about the gospel, also because if they did go to church, they wouldn't understand anything. They reminded me of my grandparents, and I loved them so much haha. They're retired but said we could come by again. Sister Blackner had so much fun listening to us talk haha, and we're thinking of introducing them to family history next time.

Okay lastly! The Aunty that lives downstairs who owns the house has agreed for us to teach her the lessons! Grandma Martinsen is her really close friend (member) and, Aunty Diana is a very devout Catholic that's bedridden pretty much. Since Grandma's birthday is coming up, she said the best gift would be if Aunty Diana would learn of the gospel. And the elders before us have build such a good relationship with her by serving her a ton, and since we're sisters, she'd rather have us teach her. AND! There's already a perfect fellowshipper, a sister who was converted from Catholicism, who Aunty Diana wants to sit in on the lessons. She says she's just doing it for the learning, but we'll see. ;) Time and time again I've learned that when we do our best to stand as witnesses of Christ in word and deed, and do our best to find people to teach, He prepares the way.

I hope you all had a good day on Valentine's Day and day off yesterday. :)

Scripture of the week: Mosiah 4:27
And see that all these things are done in wisdom and orderfor it is not requisite that man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize;therefore, all things must be done in order.

The dance! Bishop Chun is so fun. He made those necklaces haha

Valentine's Day selfie!

Sunrise yesterday

The wind was crazy, but the view was unreal.

Us and the STL, Sister Biggs and Sister Carlsen

Cliche name tags scenic picture

We had to get one of us and the sunrise in the back :)

Just another fun one :) Whenever I don't know what to do with my hands in pictures...peace sign.

Sister Wu

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