The End of Summer~

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This will be the last week of summer pretty much! It's starting to cool down here, we're seeing more rain daily. And the fall and winter will be cooler. Thank gooodness. Haha.

Last week, our weekly commitment at the VC was to testify of Jesus Christ in every teaching moment and to study about Him in our personal study. Sometimes when we're at the visitors center, there are many things we could testify about, whether it's God's love, Jesus Christ, the restoration, blessings of the temple, but it's so powerful when we testify of Jesus Christ, and why He is the message of the gospel. Sister Leng and I have wanted to teach more together as we give tours, and looks like our prayers were answered haha. We took several tours together where the guests were really open, and some from the island, some were visiting Hawaii. 

Updates in the area: 
1) On Saturday, we went to campus to visit some of th girls in our wards, and only met a few, but it was really cool getting to know converts, and as they shared their experience with learning the gospel, it definitely strengthened my conversion as well. Especially because one girl was the only member in her family, and served a mission in the London England Mission, and has been back for a few years now. Another girl we met was a returned missionary, and she's kind of falling away spiritually, despite attending church and praying regularly. It was really sad for Sister Leng and I to hear that she no longer puts a temple marriage in her priorities, and how difficult it is to overcome temptations of the world, especially back home. Satan works especially hard on members who were at some point, really strong in their faith, especially returned missionaries. But honestly, the only way to be continually strengthened is to be consistently centering our lives on Christ. The moment we stop, eventually, anything can be excused as "no big deal," and we lose sight of the eternal plan our Heavenly Father prepared for us. 

2) Yesterday at church, one of the speakers, reminded us all that God's love is NOT unconditional. We hear this phrase thrown everywhere, whether you're religious or not, and we even believe it. But when we think about it, His love IS conditional, upon our obedience and faith. But we are all worthy to receive that love, and we are all within reach ot it. 

At the VC:
1) I met a young man named Jeremiah, who was on the tram tour with his family. His story is super neat. He was dating a girl who was a member of our church, and for some reason, he asked the elders to give him a priesthood blessing. And during that experience, he felt the Spirit and authority of God, and for the first time in his life, he believed that God was real. He used to be skeptical about it all, and grew up in a Catholic household. And since that blessing, he's tried to live with better morals, and wanted to come closer to God. It was so cool for me to share my testimony of how much happier he could be, if he had the constant companionship of that Spirit with him, and it comes through experimenting on God's word and commandments. Anyway, he left his information and wanted to meet the local missionaries. And! He took a copy of the Book of Mormon (I barely talked about it). Lives are touched, and I bet those elders don't even know their influence on him, just by exercising their priesthood worthily.

2) Lately, I've been meeting people visiting from Toronto, but they really look for factual information rather than anything spiritual. Sometimes I wonder how I could give more converting tours so they could feel something different here, the Spirit, but it's the easiest when I share my testimony with them, and ask them questions to they really consider religion in general. A Chinese woman from Richmond Hill was telling me how it's too late for her to have a belief in God because her brain was trained in China to be logical about everything. At least I was able to share how this gospel has blessed my life, and I promised it could bless her life too, if she was willing to learn more. 

3) Yesterday afternoon, in the hustle of some big Chinese tours who came in, Sister Leng pulled me aside and said these three guys (from BYUH) wanted a tour. They're all soccer players, two returned missionaries (one served in Toronto), and one non-member from London. They attend one of the wards we serve in, and Dwayne (not sure if that's spelt correctly) had some questions about what they learned at church. It was so fun to take them through the walk through video, God's Plan for His Family, and to help him understand what we believe about the plan of happiness. His two friends were great at expanding and bearing their testimonies. Dwayne is Methodist, but I was pretty impressed by his willingness to really follow Jesus Christ. The elders on campus already met him, but he wants to read the Book of Mormon before meeting with the missionaries. And for the record, this was Sister Leng and mine's first time taking a tour through God's Plan this whole transfer! Haha

Scripture of the week: D&C 82:10
"I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise."

Talk of the week: (tomorrow when we have VC Training, Elder and Sister Swinton will be disecting the topic "pride", so we read this in preparation, it's super good!)


I always wanted to take a picture like this one, maybe next time we'll do funny poses haha. This is what the tram looks like! We sit up in the front on those two seats :)

Relief Society Cooking Activity in the married student ward, we learned how to make these tequitos, they are soooo yummy. I ate four. Fresh salsa!

Jowenalyn, from Waipahu. She was so sweet and is in the process of looking for the right church for her. She agreed to learn more from missionaries, and took a Book of Mormon with her too! I'm starting to carry my camera around for instances where I need to remember the wonderful people I meet. 

Flash was on, but Seven Brothers is one of our favorite places to eat around here, consistenly good quality burgers and fries and salads. A senior missionary couple took us out for dinner, so we ate here. :) 

​Panoramic shot from Elder Egbert's camera. From the hike we went on last time! 

Sister Wu

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