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This is the beginning of a new transfer!

And no surprise to me, Sister Leng and I will staying as companions, and I'll be "killing" her because it's her last transfer on her mission. I'm excited to continue to work hard together and set new goals so we can become more effective missionaries! Last week was kind of a roller-coaster week of emotions and reflection, at least for me. One of our padmates needed to go home from this mission to sort our some medical issues (none of us know specifics, but no matter), and it was really really hard for all of us to see her go. She is a great missionary, and served with love for everyone, and worked diligently every day, and we all pray that she'll be able to come back to this mission when the time is right. What a blessing it was to serve with her and learn from her example. All of us were really sad, but we knew that God has a plan for her, and glad to see a picture that her dad welcomed her home with balloons and a really cute sign. :) 

As I reflect after her departure, I thought of how much I love serving my mission, how much joy I've found in serving the Lord. And all the things that I need to improve on, and then I started comparing myself with other sisters, and then the thought came to my mind, "I promised myself I would never do that!" because we are NOT the same, and Heavenly Father will help us grow according to our needs. I began to count my blessings, recognizing both my strengths and weaknesses. I began to pray for more guidance and more strength to overcome these thoughts, and I've received so much love and peace in my heart that I knew was God reminding me of my purpose here. We are imperfect servants who God works through, and He will teach us "Line upon Line, Precept upon Precept" (2Nephi 28:30). His love is always there for us, if we open our hearts to Him in prayer and seek for personal revelation. I know that is true!

But besides that, we've been in a trio with Sister Lor since last Thursday, and it's been a lot of fun! Reminds me of last time I was in a trio, way back last year in December haha. Sister Lee trained her actually, and Sister Lor will be training a new sister this transfer! There's power in testifying two by two, but three by three is even more fun. :) 

Updates in our area:
1) Still thinking of how we can help Ar Lon recognize the necessity of the gospel in his life, and doing our best to do our part to "invite" and help him understand. But he exercises his agency :)
2) Sister Miao (from Taiwan/California) will be coming back to the VC, and will be serving in Hua Yi's ward, so she'll continue to review the lessons with him! I need to take a picture with his family for my memories haha. 
3) We visited a few girls on campus, and one returned missionary named Sunny made us really really happy. Why? Because she was doing her best to continue consistent and meaningful scripture study, and sticking to realistic goals that will help her. It definitely gives us all hope hahaha (because post-mission life is a struggle). 

1) Last Sunday, a returned missionary named Matt came to the VC with a Chinese girl named Jingjing. He gave her a Chinese tour at Kualoa Ranch, and she wanted to hang out with more students from campus. Actually, she met Sister Ting and Sister O'Brien at the VC, and turns out she's from Hubei too, and wants to learn the gospel. She's currently working here, so that's pretty neat! I haven't met her yet, but hopefully I'll get to soon!

2) Sister Leng and I took a few chats online, and I feel like many people from 15-22 yrs old have been super interested in the gospel! Patience is from a Baptist background, and she always thought Mormons were really genuine and caring, and she's now meeting with the missionaries to learn more! Same with Kristina. Her co-worker shared about the Book of Mormon, and that really got her curious. We are all a part of missionary work, wh

3) On Saturday, I took a couple from Australia on a tour, and from the get-go, the lady said she doesn't believe in "what angels say" (referring to Angel Moroni directing Joseph Smith to the golden plates), and I was able to clarify her understanding of the restoration, and truly share how the Bible and Book of Mormon do both testify of Jesus Christ and work together. She was argumentative at all really, and I shared the First Vision to them both, and my testimony, and I knew that the Spirit was there. Nothing changed her mind, but at least I knew that she understands clearly what we believe, and how we came to know it's truthfulness. We can't change others' agency, but we can do our best to help them feel the Spirit and our conviction of the truth. :) At the end she said, "well thank you for your time, that was very interesting."

4) Another miracle (not really, just a tiny thing) was last week, as we were waiting for the next tram to arrive, a couple walked past and said "Hey Sister Wu! You gave us a tour last time we were here!" I didn't remember them (it was back in May), but they were from California, and I think it's a miracle that they came back to visit the temple grounds! I'd like to think it's because of the Spirit that they felt here (because it's not cheap to visit Hawaii). 

I already have a ton of thoughts on what more we can do this transfer to progress missionary work, but really how we can better be a servant of the Lord. Sometimes it's a little overwhelming, but grateful for my companion and her example to me haha. 

Scripture of the week: 2 Nephi 32:9
"But behold, I say unto you that ye must pray always, and not faint; that ye must not perform any thing unto the Lord save in the first place ye shall pray unto the Father in the name of Christ,that he will consecrate thy performance unto thee, that thy performance may be for the welfare of thy soul."

Sister Lor and Sister Leng and I!
Temple trip last week :)

Lauren, us, and Michelle (they're sisters); Michelle gave me a haircut last week! Haha just a trim. (5 inches). So weird to say my own name, since I never use it. 
Sister Yeung put these on our door, she's so sweet. Sister Lor's picture is fuuuunny!

Here's to another great transfer!!!

Sister Wu

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