Happy 2017!

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So this transfer has ended, and a new year has begun! 2016 was a big year for this Visitors Center, and for many of us serving here. But those changes have made it possible to share the gospel with many more people! 

I don't even remember this time last year very well, but I will be staying in the same area with my new companion, Sister Lor! We will still be sister training leaders together. I've been serving on campus and with the married students for over 8 months now! And I think I'll likely stay here until I'm done with my mission... haha (end of March). And tomorrow, we're receiving one new sister originally from Korea! Sister Yun.

I've been thinking about this past year and how serving a mission has changed me. I've gained such a stronger testimony of Jesus Christ and His Atonement, how Heavenly Father really does love us so perfectly, and is so merciful, and how our discipleship really does begin with our faith in Jesus Christ. The restored gospel is simple and beautiful, and changes our whole lives, but God won't force our agency to accept and live by its principles. Agency is a wonderful gift He's given us so we can learn and grow and experience opposition. We can be happy when we are living the gospel. We can learn wisdom from prophets of old and present. The gospel will always provide an answer to our problems, if not direct us to an answer. I know that this is true. I know that I've changed and t

This week has been pretty hectic because we discuss closely with Elder Swinton to make companionship recommendations for President Bekker, our mission president. Making the master schedule for the transfer, making sure there's language speakers on shifts, and preparing transfer news! We've spent a lot of time doing administrative/preparation this week, so I don't feel like I met a ton of people at the center...but there were still a few miracles! I realized they're pretty much all of Chinese tours haha.

1) Yesterday, on Sunday, the pace was pretty slow, and a lot of member families, but so many Chinese tour buses came! Sister Sicotte(still learning Chinese) and I were the only Chinese speakers on shift, so we we tried our best to help the guests. It was kind of rough because Sister Allen and I were fasting yesterday (meaning I didn't eat or drink water), so I was so thirsty from talking so much hahaha. But! I met a really awesome young woman about our age, who was intently flipping through the Book of Mormon. I said she could take it home with her, and taught the whole restoration to her! She was a Christian herself and understood how we need someone with proper authority, the prophet to help us understand God's will. I gave her the guest card and she was a little worried because she didn't live in China right now, but lived in Indianna! (who would've thought?). And was willing to learn more from local missionaries 😄 

2) Also yesterday, a Chinese young man came in, and actually lives in Honolulu. I introduced more about the temple and some of our basic beliefs, but he was pretty Athiest, and had some questions I couldn't answer (because I couldn't really understand what he meant, the struggle of hearing new Chinese vocabulary). He was doubtful that God can answer us or speak to man, and asked if I experienced God answering my prayers, and I confidently testified that He did! I think he found that amusing, but I felt completely happy about the truths I knew, and said he would never know God's reality if he didn't even try to know. This isn't really a miracle or anything, but talking to him reminded me of how the gospel is the best gift I could've ever received in my life, and I know without a doubt that God and Jesus Christ are real, and they love us so perfectly. 

3) So this whole transfer, Sister Allen and I have been pretty consistent at doing language study. And I can testify how much it's helped me to communicate better in Chinese haha. I explained to an old man how the gospel has blessed me in my life, and why it is so relevant to everyone today. And I don't remember all the things I've said to him, but I know it was through the Spirit I was able to share what he needed to know, and my testimony. He kindly said, "those are wise words." Yay! Reading the Book of Mormon in Chinese is so fun! (very very slowly)

4) I took a tour with Sister Au, from Hong Kong, and the family we talked to was friendly, but we could tell the parents didn't have an interest besides getting information about the temple. We were able to teach about the restoration and the Book of Mormon, and as a result of that, the son, who was 19 years old, took a Book of Mormon with him! I wish we were able to talk longer but they were short on time, but that seed is planted! 

Other interesting things:
1) President Uchtdorf visited the temple grounds and also the Polynesian Cultural Center with his family! He is just the best. And loves people.
2) Last week, there were so so many visitors at the PCC, so we helped lining people up for our tram tours. And I think my ability to multi-task and control a crowd has increased hahaha. So many happy people came to see the temple and visitors center :)

Setting goals for 2017 is a little weird because I'm thinking about on my mission and after my mission. But I've learned that it's important to not stress unnecessarily about things I can't control, and to enjoy the little moments that make my mission amazing. I love sharing my testimony with others, and I love introducing God to Chinese people. I know that people are being drawn here to the temple because this is sacred ground. 

Talk of the week: The Virtue of Kindness (so so good!)


​We had dinner with two couples from our Married Student Ward! (from left to right: their friend, Sister Watanabe, Sister Allen, me, Brother Watanabe, Brother Kishi, Sister Kishi) I love serving in their ward!

​All the sisters on the evening shift one day :) With Sister Andrus on the left!

​We have blankets because it's cold...only to be used when we're not in the front haha.

Sister Wu

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