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So I realized it's only been 5 days since my last email, but then again, I feel like so many things happened since then! Haha

I went on exchanges with Sister Yeung, which was super fun, because we were companions very early on in our missions, and haven't served together since then. We've both grown so much as missionaries, and I can't believe that it's her last transfer here! We both are making specific goals to help us be effective every day we serve here before we have to go home. Also went on exchanges with Sister Staheli, who is from Provo, Utah. She is so sweet and loves to teach and testify to others! This week, I've had one or two days where I felt SO ready to sleep after we came home. We slept at 10 pm. It was heavenly!

I was studying this week in Helaman, and how the concept of remembrance is constant throughout the scriptures. When we remember how blessed we are, we can be humble, and happy. When we forget God, it's easier to become consumed in our own ambitions or pride, and forget to be Christ-like. 

The queue online was SO slow this week, but the miracle was, we still were able to contact some quality and prepared people who want to meet with missionaries! 

Area miracle:
1) So we haven't really been in our area for a while, because they're all students, and we're more effective here at the VC...but yesterday we got a call from a student named Hailey, and she invited us to have dinner with her and her tennis teammates! Three Chinese girls, one Korean girl, one Malaysian girl, and two Americans. Most of them not members, and have met sister missionaries before, but it was a miracle because it was my first time meeting all of them. We were able to just be their friends, and share a short scripture with them! Such a tender mercy, and we don't know what will result from it, but at least they can have a good impression of missionaries before they graduate! Member missionary work is WAY more helpful than any other method. 

1) Ranielle got baptized last week! Her journey is really sweet. I wasn't expecting the baptism, and was worried her contact got deleted off our system! But good thing it wasn't! I just want to share a short part of her testimony with you, 
"Heavenly Father has always been by my side, even when I thought he was gone. Heavenly Father has given me more than I ever deserved. Not seeking Heavenly Father first will cause me to live and act in ways that are not truth. When I am rebellious and do not focus on Heavenly Father my actions will not be true to the kind and generous heart I have been gifted with. My anger is an enemy to the good and gentle spirit that has been lost but not forgotten inside of me. If I honor Heavenly Father he will place me where I can be used to help heal others of what has so graciously been healed inside of me." I get a little emotional whenever I read it, it was actually longer, but this was just an idea of the blessings she's received from learning this wonderful gospel. 🤗

2) Sister Lor and I also met a man named Jonathan, who grew up Catholic. It was a very easy conversation as we talked more about the temple and its significance, and shared our simple testimonies about the temple, and family history work too. We invited him to keep in touch/learn more from missionaries, and surprisingly, he did! Just reminds me that there's nothing to lose when we just invite everyone to learn more. He was a really open person though, so I'm not sure why I was surprised haha.

3) I've been in touch with a guy named Nick, who actually became introduced to the Book of Mormon because of the Marriott hotel he was staying in. He was surprised to see the scripture in his room and really wanted to learn more about our faith. He had his first lesson with the missionaries today :)

4) We also called Cody, and he's read the Bible on and off and but really wanted to be closer with God. His stepdad is an inactive member of the church, but since he's experiencing some tough trials in his life, he wanted to learn more from missionaries. 

5) Can't forget meeting Tidisha's family! They were from the tram tour, and she had a cute little two year old son, and three week old baby. Her cousin was visiting too to help her out. Her husband is in deployed in the military, and she loved eternal families. Little Alex held my hand and walked with me, so cute! She filled out her info so we can keep in touch and have the missionaries meet with her family in Waianae(Hawaii). 

6) Zachary(online) has been meeting with missionaries and preparing for baptism on the 21st! So fun. He loves the lifestyle we live, and that it brings more purpose into his life.

I love serving here, and we meet so many great people every single day. People who are either looking for something more, or maybe not looking for anything at all. But no matter who we talk to, with love and boldness, we can help them know that they have a Heavenly Father too, and the peace they feel here, doesn't have to be just temporary.

Scripture of the week: 1 Nephi 11:17
"And I said unto him: I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things."


Dinner with Hailey and her teammates! 

​Tidisha and her cousin after we finished the tram tour that evening. Such a cute family!

​Some of our favorite members from the Kaneohe 4th Ward came to the temple and visited us.

​We also had a taco salad party on Friday to celebrate beating all of our goals the week before! Sister Lee loves selfies haha.

​Just a peek of our beautiful mornings here! :)

Sister Wu

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