First week at the MTC

1:27:00 PM

Hi again!

Our preparation day here at the MTC is every Friday, so that's when I'll email. My address if you want to send me anything is: (make sure they can arrive before Nov 1, we're leaving the MTC on the 2nd).

Sister Wu
2009 N 900 E Unit 147
Provo UT 84602

If you want to write a letter, you can also use the site Dear Elder because it's free! You can type it out on the site.

The last two days have been pretty fun. I've been put in a tri-pan (3 sisters including me). I first met Sister Furukawa on Tuesday night and she's from Japan, going to Honolulu with me! (but speaking Japanese there). She's older than me by a few years and is super sweet! My other companion is Sister Tu'avao and she's Tongan, from Orange County California and going to serving English speaking in Colorado Denver. Our district is basically two tri-pans so there's us three sisters and three elders. I haven't mastered their names yet... haha.

Although the schedule here is pretty jam-packed, I don't feel like it's that busy compared to being out in the field. But that's probably because I'm not as excited to learn all this compared to other missionaries where everything is so new to them and overwhelming. It's still really cool because other missionaries have such strong testimonies of the gospel and some are already so natural at teaching! 

On Wednesday, Sister Furukawa and I received huge bags of language learning books but we don't have any language study time in our schedule because we've been put in the Advanced Language Track...for English. So we're hoping we can get language tutors (we find out by the end of today) so that we can at least make use of those heavy books and practice how to teach in our assigned languages! They feel like an extra 10 pounds... haha

I also bumped into a few people I know from school which is super fun. Some are also here as missionaries and some as people that work here! There's music auditions to perform during Tuesday devotionals or Sundays (not quite sure) but I want to try and see which piece I can play. Gotta check out the Music Library here. 

I just read a story Sister Nabhan sent me around last week but I didn't get a chance to read until today. But I will leave you with a quote from it: "This is the way of growth: struggle, grow, receive blessings, bask in the blessings, greater opposition, lessening of the Spirit, remain faithful, climb to new spiritual heights, and start all over again."

I love this because it reminds us that we only grow in our testimony of the gospel when we continue to do the right things (church, pray, read scriptures, etc) because they are right and I know that we will be prepared to teach people that God has prepared to learn the gospel. I love my companions because they're so sweet and both have such a firm testimony of the restored gospel. 

Some of the people I saw from Canada: Elder Datoon (first name Jyles?), and Sister Kwak (Minnie)! And I saw a few people from BYU but I forgot their last names already sigh.

I'm excited to learn more Mandarin, or at least how to teach the lessons since I need to brush up on my gospel terminology haha.

Have an awesome week and continue to choose the right 

Sister Wu

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