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Dear friends and family,(Sorry this is a pretty long one...)

This week has been the best!!! First of all, we started temple visitors center training, which is a class in another building, AND Elder Neil L. Andersen came to speak on Tuesday's devotional!!! It was sad at the beginning of the week my other companion Sister Tu'avao left for Colorado Denver but we were soon joined by two new sisters in the branch. One is from Finland and the other one is from Taiwan! Her name is Sister Lee haha, so many people's last name is Lee from Taiwan and Korea.

On Tuesday we joined the MTC Choir practice before devotional began and it was so fun being in a choir again. But it was even more special this week because the devotional was broadcasted to all the MTCs in the world! We sang "More Holiness Give Me" and it was beautiful. When Elder Andersen walked in, we all stood up as a sign of respect until he sat down. I was so excited that an apostle came! I feel like even though I've been to General Conference live to hear them and the prophet Thomas S. Monson, it feels so special that he came to speak to us missionaries.

Elder Andersen addressed us about four words: sacrifice, opposition, adversary, and deliverance. I was so touched when he shared about sacrifice and how all of us sacrificed time and other aspects of our lives to serve missions. Sacrifice isn't something to always think of so negatively, because we can't grow without it. Sacrifice is an eternal principle! I love a quote he shared said by Brigham Young, "(paraphrased) Our sacrifice is like a pin in the ocean," and the ocean is full of precious gifts and blessings Heavenly Father prepared for us. I know that when we sacrifice for the Lord's work and for His will that the blessings we receive is just like the ocean! But I just love that analogy. The decision to serve a mission will bless my life in so many ways in the future, because I know that the Lord is never in our debt. He shared a Mormon Message about Sidney Going, who was a famous rugby player, so you should watch it sometime. It's about his decision to serve a mission. I love being reminded of these blessings because there are so many fruits from our efforts as missionaries, but often more than not, we aren't able to see the fruits until much later. But that is completely okay! I know that the apostles and prophet are called by God and they have the authority to guide all of us.

On Wednesday, we started visitors center training and it has been so fun! We are so grateful to help visitors learn more about the gospel, and to have the resources to teach online and over the phone. The church also has so many websites for others to find more information. Online teaching over chat seems really fun because so many people have questions about what we believe in but are more comfortable asking online. I know this work can reach people from all corners of the world and we're able to meet people from all over! Something Sister Donakey told us really touched me; "The Lord has sent you to temple visitors centers because He knows that your testimony can touch the hearts of thousands of people from all over, rather than the hearts of people in one area." I'm so humbled to hear that but at the same time I feel a little scared because I still have so much to improve in my Mandarin teaching skills. I'm excited because we're actually leaving on Monday morning to Hawaii! And hopefully I get to see Sister Lee soon after that! Haha

One major thing I learned in class was that conversion happens after converting experiences. Instead of telling our investigators about all the facts and bearing our testimony, we should focus on helping them gain a converting experience. If they don't experience any revelation for themselves, they won't be converted to the Lord. They won't feel a change in their hearts. And if we didn't do anything but teach them by telling, we haven't accomplished anything because they didn't act from their own desire. In addition to that, I want to avoid being a "push-and-play" VC sister (they just lead visitors to the media and let that do the talking).

Today is our P-day but I actually went with Sister Bollwinkel (not my companion) to the surgical center because she had to have a surgery. I'm so glad I could have a chance to serve her and feel kinda honored because she wanted me to go with her haha. Her companion had to attend in-field training (it's like allll day long and pretty important). The surgery went well and they didn't find anything wrong, except that her colon is a little slower because it's "lazy."

I feel like I've learned so much here, especially about what we do in visitors centers. I'm soo excited to go soon! It's actually getting really chilly so I'm excited for summer weather. I'm so grateful for all the resources we have to share the gospel at a VC, because they truly are the windows to understanding the doctrine of Christ. I know with all my heart that this is His work, to bring forth His children so we can all return to His presence. I know that this gospel can change lives, and have I mentioned how excited I am to leave on Monday? Hahaha

Here's a great scripture I read this week: D&C 6:22-23 "Verily, verily, say unto you, if you desire further witness, cast your mind upon the night that you cried unto me in your heart, that you might know concerning the truth of these things.Did not speak peace to your mind concerning the matter? What greater witness can you have than from God?"

I know that God answers our prayers through the Holy Spirit and there is no greater witness of truth than Him! So since I'm leaving to Hawaii on Monday, I won't get to email until the following Monday. But because I missed part of my P-day time since I accompanied Sister Bollwinkel to the surgical center, I get time to email tomorrow! (If I didn't get a chance to reply to you today, expect it tomorrow)

Love,Sister Wu

P.S. We're going to Temple Square Visitors Center later this weekend to experience what it's like. I'm stoked!

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