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Nothing too exciting this past week. We had exchanges so I was back with Sister Buday(my first companion here at the VC, who will be done next week) for a day. It was seriously the longest day because we had a "Tram Scout" shift(from 12-3 pm where we just keep inviting people to attend the tram tour) and a tram shift (where we give tours about the community and on the temple grounds). Talking all day makes me thirsty but I feel like I never drink enough water, although I should haha.
One of the worst parts about a mission is seeing past companions go home, but I know they have to, the rest of their life awaits them.

So a YSA Bishop in Sister Walker and Evan's wards hosted a BBQ/Pool Party last saturday and the goal was to invite investigators and less-active students to go so they could all have fun and Sister Walker and Evans gave a mini missionary presentation at the end (a recent convert shared her testimony). Sister Ting and I worked our butts off to invite so many people to go, so we texted a ton of people, especially after we found out it might be cancelled! So stressful, I can't believe they trusted us missionaries to do the inviting... haha (it's so much easier through technology or Facebook, both of which we fail to have). But thankfully our investigator Kate and Hiba had a really fun time! We were both jealous when we heard of how beautiful the pool was at the Bishop's house... but we couldn't go due to scheduling (we just wanted to help the students break the ice, and then go back). πŸ˜”

Throughout this week, and I'm sure probably for the rest of the summer, at least 4-5 Chinese tour buses come to the temple grounds every day! On Tuesday, I talked to a woman who was so prepared to learn the gospel. She was reading all the pamphlets and literally asked me how she can join the church. So I told her to check out the website on the temple pass-along card for more information, and that she can visit Hong Kong to learn from missionaries there. I still have to write this experience down in my journal, I'm slowly getting behind ...

On Friday night, we were biking home from our dinner appointment and it started drizzling. And then I said "oh it's not so bad" and then within 2 minutes, it started to pour hard. We both got soaked and biked home in the rain...fun memories. 

On Sunday, we learned about humility and forgiveness. I feel like I've learned so much of that on my mission, to be humble and really understand people as how Heavenly Father sees them, to put others above what I think is right, and not to let things bother me (because sulking is never good, and getting angry is pointless). I love going to church because not only do we learn more about scripture teachings, we can learn how these principles really help us and bless us in our lives. In relief society, we were reminded about how everyone we feel has wronged us in this life can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I'm so grateful for that! I feel like it's helped me so much to realize things really aren't as big of a deal as we think they are. And when we're willing to see the good in others, and follow the Spirit's guidance, we can have true peace.

Scripture of the week: 1 Nephi 11:17
"I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things."


Had a little picnic with the sisters on our preparation day!

We rode home from our appointment in pouring rain and got soaked but it's all good!

I love this girl!

Sister Wu

P.S. Thanks Jen for the letter! :)

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