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This week we met so many Chinese tourists, and learned from one of the tour guides that May is really busy because it's when trips are cheaper, and then in July and August we'll be seeing a younger crowd in the tours. Sister Ting and I have really tried to share with them at least one gospel principle when they're here on the grounds because this is the only way they'll really learn about the restored gospel. And thankfully there are some really great tour guides, that encourage the visitors to listen to us share a little more haha. 

Sister Ting saw the doctor and he prescribed her special eye drops to help with her infection, but as her eyes' bacteria infection gets flushed out, it gets her skin really dry. So her eyes get tired easily, so I've been able to go online more this week while she rests/naps! Technology is so cool because there are so many people that want to receive a free Book of Mormon or even meet with the missionaries. And we are the ones who get to get them in touch with the local missionaries! One woman is from Belgium and just wants to learn more about our church, and now the missionaries are teaching her. Another guy named Kurt has a really good friend from our church, and pretty much wants to prepare for baptism, is being taught by sisters. Another one is named James and was incarcerated a few years ago, and wants to apply God's teachings in his life; he's studied other religions but never really fit him, and he's being taught by elders. 

Sometimes we pick up calls or chat with people that come online, and have very difficult trials that they're going through, and to share with them how the gospel can help provide peace and that they can truly change their lives, is so so awesome. There are some calls where I leave them with a prayer, and I know that Heavenly Father is mindful of them.

We haven't had much time in our on-campus area, but a miracle happened! We were walking and bumped into Amulek. His cousin Kate is here from Taiwan, helping their family with babysitting their three kids, and he told us she's pretty open to learning more! So we met her and she's so awesome; she already kind of acknowledges God's presence and how he has a plan for us, even if sometimes we don't see it (for most people, that's a difficult principle to know/learn, even knowing the gospel haha).  We're excited to see her later tonight :)

The elders in our zone also tracted into a Chinese family in their area, and we're going to see if we can meet them on Wednesday! This past week has been so busy, every night I just want to crawl into bed and not want to wake up... haha but one day at a time, we keep pressing forward! That's why preparation day is awesome. Nap time! I know we wouldn't have the energy to be out or standing all day talking with others if it weren't for Heavenly Father's help. What a blessing it is to be set apart as a missionary.

And lastly, I found out from Sister Blackner that the kids we were teaching, Tasi and Mason, have baptism dates set for the 28th! 

Scripture of the week: Isiah 40:31
"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength...they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall be walk, and not faint."


Selfie with Sister Ting! 

Visiting Taffie; she's from Hong Kong and is super sweet!

Brother Sumibcay (in the married student ward) was about to head to work, but he wanted to deliver some fruits to his friends. Don't ask me why he's using such a huge box to carry so few fruits...

Sister Wu

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