Miracle May

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It's not the easiest adjusting back to the VC life, but I constantly see how we are instruments in Heavenly Father's hand to help others feel the peace that comes from this gospel. Full-field missionaries think it's easy for us to be in the VC because we have people coming to us with questions about the temple and our church, which is true in a sense, but we also have so many people that come visit temple grounds and have no interest in learning more (it's okay, everyone has their agency). In full-field, when you meet new people, all you have to do is ask if they want to learn more and set a return appointment or get their number, but here we give out a guest card, which I feel is a bit more awkward and not as natural...BUT I'm working on only giving that out when I feel that the people I'm talking to would be open to keeping in touch. After all, they will only feel the Spirit in their hearts if they are willing to let it in.

I had two wonderful experiences this week where I really felt like the Spirit helped me to discern the person's needs. One couple came from tram and the husband was a member that stopped coming to church when he turned 14 yrs old and the wife has no religious background, but because the VC reminded them of how important going to church would be, and that it would bless their family, she was willing to learn more and keep in contact with us. I talked to him about how he felt when he did go to church as a child, and he said he loved it, and both of them pray individually so I invited him to start doing family prayers together. It's so fun to see the Spirit work on people, and I could see him truly pondering on how putting God as a priority in his life would strengthen their family. They want to start going to church consistently too!

Another experience was a father who lives here in Hawaii and his daughter was visiting from Jamaica. At first as we talked, I didn't feel like they were really opening up, but I felt prompted to show them the Christus narration(about 30 seconds of Jesus Christ's teachings) and that's when she mentioned to me about how tough life is back in Jamaica and even dangerous for the women(for example, if you want to get divorced and the man takes the vow seriously and will kill you). I shared with her one of my favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon and testified of how it can help us have continual peace amidst this crazy world, and the Spirit softened her heart to be open to keep in touch with us. She was super sweet and took a picture with me after the tram tour. I feel so happy when others can feel the happiness from the temple grounds to take home with them.

I'm so grateful for all the changes the VC has made to have many more visitors come to the temple grounds (tram scouts go earlier in the day to inform Polynesian Cultural Center guests about tram tours later in the day). I was having a hard time adjusting back to the VC because so many people come but don't really care to learn more, but I've realized that we really have to be in tune with the Spirit and have faith to help the ones who are receptive to the gospel.

I'm still getting to know the YSA(young single adult) wards on campus and it's still new, but I love getting to know them so we know who we can strengthen. There is only one investigator we're teaching right now named Hiba and she has a Muslim background. She's super familiar with the teachings of our church because she grew up with a lot of members and met missionaries before, so we're currently helping her strengthen in her own testimony.

On Friday, I was so happy because Sister Blackner and Sister Lee came to the VC with Vivian (our Chinese investigator) and her friend Sharon! They had a lesson and watched God's Plan for the Family, and we took a picture after. I'm soooooo excited for Vivian because she's preparing for her baptism, which is coming soon! Serving in another city for the last three months, I've grown to love the people there SO much. So I get really excited when I see anyone that comes to the VC haha.

Elder Swinton (VC Director) told me this morning that Brother Miller(who is in the bishopric in the Laie 4th Ward) bore his testimony yesterday about how Sister Blackner and I were helping his son come back to church. We visited his son's family and even watched General Conference with them, but the tricky part was getting his whole family to come to this church. I look back at the people we served and even feel like sometimes we didn't make much of a difference, but in actuality, we do, even if we don't see the progress ourselves.

On Saturday, Sister Ting and I were so excited to go inside the temple (we get to go once a month and the month was coming to an end), but there was a power outage so the session was cancelled. :( Thankfully, another sister had some names for us to do initiatory work. It was so cool to hear the specific blessings again(the last time I heard it was before my mission). I love temples so much and I know it's the house of the Lord.

FUN NEWS! Sister Ting and I got new bikes we get to ride in our area. This makes me happy because I need more exercise...haha. And we can get to places faster...but it's a struggle riding bikes with certain skirts/dresses.

And Mother's Day is this week! So I get to see and talk to my mom :) (sorry this post was suppeerr long haha)

Scripture of the week: 1 Nephi 11:17
"And I said unto him: I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things."

Courtesy of Sister Ting's camera

Sister Buday(my trainer) and I

We spent a long time creating the new transfer theme board

I stole this from Sister Ting's camera :)

Me, Sister Blackner, Vivian, and Sister Lee

Another pleasant surprise! Sister Beatty and her girls were our neighbors across the street in Kaneohe. They are the sweetest family.

Sister Wu

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