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Happy belated Father's Day! I love this video about Fatherhood. When we think of fathers, we can also think of the love our Heavenly Father has for each one of us. 😊

Last week we had a Zone Conference with President and Sister Warner training us! It was an emotional day because it was our last conference with them before they are released. We will have the new mission President, President Bekker, arriving soon with his wife. I am soo grateful for the Warners because they are literally our parents here in our mission, and they show so much love for us, and we'd be so lost without their guidance. I've learned so much from their example, and Sister Warner was so involved when we taught Vivian! 

The theme was on obedience, and President Warner shared some really great examples of obedience from the scriptures. Every blessing we receive is predicated on our obedience to Heavenly Father's commandments and the mission rules, and when we do all that we can to have the Spirit with us, then that's when He can perform miracles! Exact obedience is rough sometimes, but we continue to try our best. "A missionary will not rise to a potential in life above that which he carves out for him or herself on their mission." - David O. McKay 
That's why the commitment we show our our mission will continue(hopefully) in the future in everything that we do. We have to challenge ourselves to press forward even when we're tired, discouraged, have no clue what we're doing, in order to reach the potential Heavenly Father sees in us. The training we receive always is exactly what we need to hear. 

Yesterday was kind of a stressful day for Sister Furukawa and I. And we called President Warner and Sister Warner for some guidance with a special situation. Thankfully they saved the day and told us what we needed to do. Hua Yi, the boy that we taught for a while now, is planning to be baptized! It's truly a miracle that we didn't expect would happy soon, but he does! But he'll be getting baptized in California, where his parents have more family. We're sooo happy for them!

One of the struggles I have, especially in the afternoon, is when there are Chinese tour buses coming in, but there's also someone that really needs a tour(Chinese or not). The other day, a Chinese guy named Qiu Feng came, and I started giving him a tour, but then Chinese buses came, so thankfully Sister Lee was able to help with that. But then they wanted to take pictures with us, and poor Qiu Feng was just waiting, and I was afraid he would just leave...but thankfully I got back to him! And he's actually doing Bible Study back in Chicago, and he said he's not really ready to learn more, but I still gave him some pamphlets. The great blessing about serving here, is even without a guided tour, others can feel something special here, and it's because they're on dedicated ground. And feel the Spirit from the temple :)

I met someone from Wuhan the other day! That's close to my hometown in China. Kind of cool :)
We're finally getting a new ward mission leader (he helps us do missionary work with people in the congregation and how we can help them), and he'll be called and set apart this coming Sunday. It's going to help sooo much because although Sister Furukawa has been here for 6 months, there's still a lot we have to do in the area. 

Scripture of the week: John 7:17
"If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself."


Sister Warner and I, after we sang Aloha Oe!

Brother Nihipali's granddaughter's 1st birthday luau! We couldn't stay long, but shared a spiritual thought :) So neat.

I don't usually get these pictures...but I love sunsets here, especially behind temple grounds.

Mango season! They were sooo good. Sweet.

Sister Wu

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