The Atonement = HOPE

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I feel like just in this past week, we were able to meet and interact with so many great people!
Some updates on our area:

1) Hua Yi(12) got his baptismal interview done by our district leader, and I was able to translate it for him in Mandarin (so fun!). When I first met and started teaching him back on November, he didn't really know if God was there or loved him. But now, he doesn't hesitate at all when asked if he knows God is our Heavenly Father. I love how the Spirit works with children! His family and his friends at church are also great examples to him too :)

2) Royce(17) is our investigator and he was raised with wonderful parents who taught him what it means to work hard and to have a long-term perspective in life. He's a football player so he's often busy, but makes time for us to come by and share the gospel with him. We were so happy he came to church last Sunday for the first time! And we're praying that he continues to come so he can take the sacrament and feel the Spirit.

Visitors Center:
Usually when I go online, I try to call my contacts, text, or email. But sometimes I like to take chats too. So last Sunday, we took a chat from a person that was argumentative and wasn't really listening to anything we were sharing. Naturally I was stressed out, just because I feel like it was a waste of my time, and I totally prayed in my heart to talk to someone new who would actually listen. Right after, we talked to a young man named Clay, who really wanted to join a religion. And since he had some awesome LDS friends, he figured he wants to learn more from us. As I continued to talk with him about some of our beliefs, everything just made sense to him. I'm so grateful literally every time I come across a bad interaction, we are blessed to come across someone else really nice. I definitely felt the Spirit guide me in my words, and give me charity, especially for others who aren't respectful to us. 

Last Friday, every missionary in our mission fasted to find new investigators here. Our schedules were really busy with the VC and tram, so we didn't have time in our area, but I've definitely seen the miracles in the next few days. 

Just yesterday alone, Sister Furukawa and I met four new people that were willing to learn more in the VC! The one couple I met yesterday was definitely a miracle. We came on shift at 2:30 pm and Chinese tours came non-stop until about 4 pm. Thankfully, both Sister Lee and I were on shift together, so we could team up to talk to everyone. I saw a couple come in, and they were visiting from Lousiana, and I shared more with them about our beliefs, the restoration of the gospel, and the Book of Mormon. Dennis actually is Catholic and his wife Alexandria isn't really religious, but they were just super open to learning more, and even put a referral for his Catholic friend! Amidst the bustle, we had a wonderful tour and I definitely felt the Spirit when I shared the First Vision with them, and one of my favorite scriptures too. I've only ever shared the First Vision maybe less than 5 times on my mission, but it brings such a powerful Spirit that always testifies of the truthfulness of our message. I love love this gospel. I've never really been too bold with guests, but sometimes I have the courage to be. 

Lastly! I picked up an in-bound call online, and this guy wanted me to pray for him. As I got to know his background more, I found out that he was an alcoholic that wanted to change his life around, but he has no support, no family or friends, and nobody that believed that he could change. I testified about the power of the Atonement and the love that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has for every person, including him, and encouraged him to rely on that power. I got teary when he said how I was the only person in a while to actually believe in him, and positively uplifted him. I can't say what happened after the call, because I'm not sure. But sometimes I am still amazed at the role that we have a missionaries, as servants of our Heavenly Father to reach out to His children, to help them feel of His love, so they can have eternal happiness - they can have hope. I just wanted to cry a little because there are so many people like him, that need to know that there is hope.

I'm always reminded that every interaction we have with others, whether it was bad or good, are all people that need to know this gospel and to hear of our testimonies. People that will understand this is truly what we believe and strive to live by. Sister Furukawa and I have made it a goal to really try and get to know more people in our ward, so we can work together. :)

Scripture of the week: Ether 4:12
"And whatsoever thing persuadeth men to do good is of me; for good cometh of none save it be of me. I am the same that leadeth men to all good; he that will not believe my words will not believe me—that I am; and he that will not believe me will not believe the Father who sent me. For behold, I am the Father, I am the light, and the life, and the truth of the world."


​Nikki and Brother Keama (less-active) visiting from our ward in Kaneohe.

​Brother Long (ward mission leader from Kaneohe) was kind and packed us bento box lunches!

​Taking down the flags together with our roomies, Sister Kim and Sister Kim!

​Pink sunset outside the VC :)

The Sorensen's family reunion at the beach park. Family reunions here in Hawaii are HUGE (they're good with genealogy, and their many people are related). So neat.

Sister Carvalho (Japanese) had us over for lunch and this is one of my favorite meals I've had. Fresh salmon from Alaska with veggies and somen-champuru. 

​I needed to take more pictures with the Christus, so we did this on our downtime. I love love the Christus. (courtesy of Sister Smith's Iphone)


Sister Wu

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