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This week we had two new sisters join us at the VC! Sister Tu'avao from California/Tonga, and Sister Pluim from Idaho. Sister Tu'avao is second cousins with my MTC companion Sister Tu'avao! (currently serving in the Denver Colorado Mission). This week two hurricanes passed by Hawaii, and we actually had a Red Cross Training call so we can be ready to volunteer if needed. Thankfully, it seems like the area we're living at hasn't been affected.

In our area:
1) So our phone line stopped working since last Friday night , so that was pretty rough. We just borrowed our padmates' phone when we needed to, and finally got a new number last night! Miracle that we survived haha. We met with one of our Ward Mission Leaders in the YSA wards and he has a lot of energy and vision to help share the gospel, even as students. We need to involve the bishopric in missionary work, working directly with less-actives and investigators.
2) Sister Leng and I also are meeting with the Relief Society Presidents of the YSA wards to get to know them, and let them know we're here to help :) Besides Ar Lon, we're not teaching anyone else on campus right now. But it's been so fun to get to know the girls and build friendships with them!

At the VC(so many miracles!):
1) So this miracle is kind of long but so crazy! It was like everyone was put in the right place at the right time, for a girl named Natalie from Texas. So the story is, her boyfriend Jarom actually came to the VC first, and I started talking with him, turns out he hasn't been to church since he was 15 (he's in late 20s now). Sister Evans & Sister Walker talked a little with Natalie when she came in, and eventually Sister Leng and I talked with both Natalie and Jarom. There was some contention there because Natalie asked us some intense questions about how a Mormon could mistreat a woman, etc. We invited them both to watch the video walk through presentation of God's Plan for His Family, and Jarom immediately came out because Natalie didn't want to be with him. I felt like she really needed a hug, so I gave her a huge hug and she just broke down crying. She wanted to know more about our beliefs and standards and was really struggling, and Sister Leng suggested a priesthood blessing, because we know the power of the priesthood can cast away anything bad. We invited both of them to watch the video, because we could feel that they both needed to learn something from that. And at the end we discussed the importance of Christ-like attributes in the home, and we challenged them both to act on what they've learned. As we walked out, the zone leaders just walked in (perfect timing, they don't usually come to the VC), and were able to give Natalie a priesthood blessing of comfort, but also of healing (her neck was in real pain).

She cried a lot during the blessing, and could definitely feel the Spirit. So could we! It was so strong. I know that the priesthood power is real, and it's direct authority from God, to serve His children. Another thing was, they were both at a chiropractor's office before coming, and met Sister Stinchfield (a member in our married student ward), and a senior couple that happened to be there, and they all shared with them what blessings come from marrying a member of the church. They recommended her to check out the temple so that's why they both came in the first place, to seek peace and guidance. She left her contact info so we could keep in touch, and even took a Book of Mormon. They both left in separate ways, but later Sister Stinchfield and her husband actually drove Natalie to town so she could stay with a friend. In the car, she was able to hear about the restoration and the gospel of Jesus Christ. We're looking forward to help her feel that Spirit even more, and from this experience, I've gained an even stronger testimony of how much God loves all of His children, that for Natalie, she was able to seek some answers, and feel the Spirit when she came here, and witness the power of the priesthood. It's so wonderful to be in instrument to help others feel of God's love for them, especially when they're going through a hard time.

2) This couple from Beijing came from the tram tour, and I was able to share a little about what makes our beliefs different from other Christian faiths, and it was cool because Chang Lu and his wife were really agreeing with everything I shared, and although I can't continue to share once they return to China, they left me their information anyway so we can keep in touch after my mission. Haha. Miracle! (most people from mainland China aren't super prepared or interested in the gospel).

3) Two of my online investigators, Maria and Tevyan, are preparing for baptism next Saturday!!! Tevyan's close to my age, and Maria is a mother of three kids, but it's amazing to support them on the journey to making a covenant with God. I know this gospel blesses families, and one of my favorite aspects of missionary work is seeing how the Spirit and fruits of the gospel blesses these individuals.

4) Wang Jue walked in to the VC last week too, and brought a friend visiting from Shanghai. Wang Jue is investigating the church in Makiki, because she lives with a friend who joined the church recently. She hasn't learned much from the sisters because they don't speak Chinese, but Sister Ng (from here) has been keeping in touch with her. What amazes me is although she's just learning, she already loves the principle of the eternal family, and family being central, and brought her friend and wants to share with other friends in China. Being a missionary already!

5) Willy from New Zealand is a high school teacher, and some of his students are Mormons. He's been learning for a few weeks now, and went to church yesterday. He really wants to gain his own testimony as he continues to experience church, scripture study, and praying for himself. I really admire that he wants to understand what his students love about this gospel. Will be calling him tomorrow probably. :)

Scripture of the week: Alma 26:37
"Now my brethren, we see that God is mindful of every people, whatsoever land they may be in; yea, he numbereth his people, and his bowels of mercy are over all the earth. Now this is my joy, and my great thanksgiving; yea, and I will give thanks unto my God forever. Amen"


Before Sister Pluim came, Sister Lor wanted to make her a lei. Sister Leng used ti leaves and we made a pretty cool lei, which I forgot to take a picture of, oops.

Two cool people we met from the tram tours, Tony and Holly from Australia, here for a conservation conference. They're Aboriginal or something (and really preserve that culture). First time meeting people like them! So cool

Sister Leng, Natalie, and I.

Sister Tu'avao and I.

Every day as Sister Leng and I study from Preach My Gospel, we learn so much about how we can become better missionaries. Although I've been on my mission for a while, it doesn't mean I've mastered everything. Every day, we learn something new on how we can improve, and become humbled even more, and I'm so grateful for so many sisters around to learn from. I love this gospel and I love bearing my testimony to others. As we love God, and love all the people we meet, and really listen and discern of their needs, God works miracles among them - some that we can see, some that we can't. But it's so fun to be a part of this work!

Sister Wu

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