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Fall is here! Slowly cooling down, and getting dark a little earlier here in Hawaii. It's been a little slower at the Visitors Center, but Sister Leng and I have enjoyed studying more while on shift or catching up in our journals(so so needed, I don't want to miss anything) during these slow times haha. We received a really wonderful training this morning from Brother Lusvardi from the Missionary Department, and he works with all the Visitors Centers around the world. He reminded us that we each have unique talents and characteristics that allow us to be effective missionaries here. And when we interact with people, we have to really listen with love.

When we do that, we don't always have all the answers, but our new friends will become important to us, and the Spirit will be able to work within both of us to be edified, to prompt us to share what the guest needs to know. Sometimes I worry too much about what I should say, but I need to listen intently. Because every one that we meet, are children of our Heavenly Father, even if I don't agree with their way or thinking, or want to express my personal opinion, but it takes discipline for me to hold back, and listen to the Spirit, because I'm not representing myself, but I'm representing Jesus Christ.

I can't believe this is the start of Week 4! Sister Leng only has 3 weeks left, it's sneaking up...

1) We several more units of girls on campus this week, and it is so fun! They're pretty much all freshmen, so it reminds me of my first two semesters back at BYU. I feel old now... but one girl, named Freya, is a convert from China, and it's neat how she learned of the gospel. Basically her mom's friend was a member, and she saw in the house many pictures of Christ. She was intrigued and asked a ton of questions, eventually came to church service, and they both got baptized. I was surprised she said, everything clicked because they were already living the commandments beforehand, so it wasn't hard to prepare for baptism. We found her because her two roommates are tennis players from China (not members), but they're rarely home. She continues to be an example to them but they go to a church called New Hope in town... the great thing is they are converts to Christianity, so that's really cool. And they say it's changed them for the better. Yay for coming closer to Christ!

2) We also meet with our ward mission leader named Stetson once a week, and the elders asked him how he continues to stay so strong in the gospel, when it seems like so many returned missionaries on campus are saying it's so hard when you're in the "real world" again.  He answered that although it's not easy, he does everything he can to invite the Spirit into his life, like listening to music missionaries would listen to, watching wholesome entertainment, daily scripture study, and really pray for guidance for missionary opportunities. And as we continue to strengthen our conversion, especially after our missions, we will have the Spirit to be with us. Thought that was insightful to remember.

3) Our zone will be performing the EFY Medley in a missionary devotional next Sunday, and it's been a long time since I've sang it, but when we practiced, it brought me back memories from Youth Conference. Just 500-600 young men and women, in the auditorium at Western, room filled with the Spirit. Music is such a wonderful way to have the Spirit touch the hearts of people.

At the VC:
1) I was eating lunch in the guide room (where we put our stuff, change, and eat), when I got pulled out to give a tour to a Chinese family. The young married couple are converts from New York City, but Brother Wang's parents are not members of the church. We took them through God's Plan (walk through video presentation), and I could tell his parents could see the blessings of this gospel, especially in their family. I rarely get a chance to take Chinese families through God's Plan, and the Spirit was so evident when Sister Wang shared her testimony. His mom said something that made me almost laugh, "Usually mothers don't get along well with daughter-in-laws, but since she joined the church, we've gotten closer and closer - she's changed A LOT." In the end, I bore my testimony that this gospel does bless families in so many ways, and I didn't come from a perfect family, but when we live the gospel, we can be happier. The parents said they'll really consider joining the church (that in itself is a miracle) and we took pictures outside.

2) I met a family from Taiwan, who came on the tram tour, and knew of the missionaries in Taiwan (they're everywhere apparently). I was able to introduce the Book of Mormon a little bit, but really promised how much the Book of Mormon teachings have blessed me in my family. It's not easy to strengthen family relationships, but we have been led by a living prophet who continues to guide us. I left them the Family Proclamation pamphlet, and invited them to talk to the missionaries next time! The cute family left their address and phone number for me to visit them when I go to Taiwan (I said I really wanted to go there sometime). So sweet. I'm going to keep in touch with them and hopefully they'll be willing to learn more!

3) Online, Amelia is preparing for her baptism on November 25! Sister Ting and I taught her for a while back in May, and she continues to learn with the sister missionaries, but she's waiting for her new job so she can prepare to move out. I love love hearing how much joy she's experienced since learning of this gospel. That there is so much more light in this world, and she is so excited for baptism!

4) Online, Ilya expressed something similar. His story is cool because he's actually felt a lot of peace when he read the Book of Mormon about 8 years ago, and when the missionaries come over, his kids just love them. He reads the Book of Mormon to them every night as well.

Scripture of the week: Mosiah 5:13
"For how knoweth a man the master whom he has not served, and who is a stranger unto him, and is far from the thoughts and intents of his heart?"


​It's a little dark, but Brother Wang's family. Their son is so cute! 

​​Lindsey, Lindsay, and Kayla. We love meeting the students! They have such strong testimonies and such sweet spirits. Gotta love BYU.

 ​The Taiwanese woman (her husband was taking the picture) (am I horrible because I don't know her name? She wrote it down in Chinese...which I can't read)

​We just had lunch with one of the senior couples, Elder and Sister Smith. We love them so much! So we needed a good picture with them, what better way than to include Jesus Christ up there too.

I'm trying to take more pictures of the pretty mundane moments in my mission, just so I can have it captured! I'm so excited for General Conference coming up! Just another two weekends! I have to make sure to get a good night's sleep, and maybe even sleep early (we watch it at 6 am here).

Sister Wu

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