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So many things happened this past week! We went to MLC (missionary leadership council) in town! It was like a zone conference, but with ZLs and STLs all over the mission(I'm not an STL though).
And Sister Leng and I met some really great people at the VC and online as well.

In our area:
1) MLC was a really unique experience because Brother Allen (Managing Director of the Missionary Department) gave us training on the doctrine of Christ, preparing others for the baptism invitation, and he also shared really funny experiences with us. What I really learned, or re-learned I guess, was the importance of living the doctrine of Christ as missionaries, and that our actions YESTERDAY should be evidence of our understanding of the doctrine of Christ. For example, yesterday, I invited a Chinese guest to read the Book of Mormon, to strengthen her faith in Jesus Christ. He was just hilarious, and we're so grateful we were able to go!
And it was really exciting to see some missionaries I served with previously, and a few elders who are Zone Leaders now, who came out to Hawaii with us back on November.

2) We've been visiting the freshman and sharing a scripture in Mosiah 2:7-9 so they can spiritually prepare for General Conference coming up! I'm super excited to learn from the prophet and apostles on my mission especially.

At the VC:
1) Last Tuesday, we had to cover for a sister who wasn't feeling too well, and took their tram shift. So on tram tours, we only stay at the VC for 20 minutes, then go back with our guests. A guy named Kevin talked to me in English first (I didn't know if he was Chinese or what), and was surprised to meet a Chinese Mormon, I had to go back on the tram, but asked Sister Smith (senior sister) to give him a tour, since he was curious. Basically, I wasn't expecting to see him again, but at the end of the evening (like 2 hours later), he was still at the VC! Sister Nielsen gave him a tour, and he had all the pamphlets laid out in his arms, and we talked probably for half an hour or so. He had a ton of questions about our beliefs, and about how my family joined the church. I think it was a miracle he stayed that long (since most people who walk in don't stay long), but the peace and Spirit he felt probably prompted him to wait. I shared my testimony and he agreed I could share more through email. He travels a lot so wouldn't be that available for missionaries, but I was just amazed at his willingness to learn. (that conversation was in Mandarin)

2) Feifei is Chinese, but working in Germany right now as an engineer. We met on the tram tour, and she was super down-to-earth and easy to talk to. Usually, to be honest, I don't get many quality gospel conversations with Chinese guests, but hers was one I'll always remember I think. She asked me how I deal with affliction or trials in life, and I was able to share about some of my experiences growing up, and how the gospel and the Atonement has been a huge blessing, giving me the perspective I need. And I testified how much our Heavenly Father loves all of His children, and it's because of Jesus Christ, we can overcome anything we face. She was willing to learn more from local missionaries and keep in touch! So fun.

3) Amelia is our online investigator, and she planned to get baptized in November but now she'll be baptized on October 8! A sweet sister in her ward is renting out her home to her, so it's a miracle. She's so so excited and wishes Sister Ting and I could both attend...we're planning to take a picture together and send it to her haha.


After our hike, we ​met these farmers from China, and they were really sweet! They've worked here for several years and gave us some basil. Sister Leng was so happy because this reminds her of Cambodia.

​Group picture on the Laie Falls hike, but we never found the sad. But good hike. 

​Dinner with some of the girls in their dorm kitchen. :) Hale 7

Typical night at the VC after 7:20 pm when the tram tours are over, and we're just reflecting on our day haha.

We haven't watched the General Women's Broadcast yet, but we'll be watching it on Wednesday morning with all the VC sisters. I'm super excited for that and General Conference this coming weekend! It's sooo early here in Hawaii, so we'll watch it at 6 am... then at 10 am..., but I know I can stay awake. We're so lucky to have a living prophet who receives revelation from God, and although we'll all be hearing the same words, the Spirit will teach us individually, and give us answers to our prayers. I love sharing that with others too; I was able to invite a Chinese family form the tram tour to check out General Conference too in Mandarin (since they'll be on vacation for the next 30 days). If you're not planning to already, tune in to General Conference this weekend! 

Scripture of the week: 3 Nephi 14:7
"Ask, and it shall be given unto you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
For every one that asketh, receiveth; and he that seeketh, findeth; and to him that knocketh, it shall be opened."

Sister Wu

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