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Last week wasn't super eventful because we spent a lot of our time at the VC haha. But we've witnessed so many miracles! The beginning of a new transfer is here and the big news is....I'm going to be an STL (sister training leader) with Sister Evans! (she's been an STL for a while), and there's actually two pairs of STLs now to help out with the responsibilities. We'll have seven new sisters coming, so seven sisters training. It's going to be a crazy transfer because of so many sisters but it'll be really fun because their energy and enthusiasm will be contagious. :) I'm scared, excited, not really sure what's up ahead, but overall excited! Especially to do exchanges with other sisters 😋 Thank goodness we're all imperfect servants, but the Lord qualifies those He calls to serve His children. Oh, and I'll continue to serve the same area!

Right now we have 26 - 4(dying) - 1(going to full-field) + 7(new sisters) = 28!

VC  Miracles:
1) Earlier last week, we met a woman named Roxanne, visiting from Texas. She came here with her cousin, who was carrying her 5 month old baby boy. Long story short, Roxanne came to the VC, told us she was so excited to get baptized on Nov 5 and has been meeting with missionaries, and we took her to the temple corner, but she had some weird questions. Then she watched a film in the theatre called Testaments, and wanted to pray inside the temple. We explained she couldn't go inside, except for the lobby, and she agreed. It was there that we discovered she knew nothing about the Book of Mormon, and she was actually getting baptized i the 7th Day Adventist Church. 😥

So she just broke down crying as she stepped in the lobby, and knelt down to pray. She didn't understand why we wouldn't let people go inside the temple to pray, but we explained that it just takes preparation because it's such a sacred place. And the whole reason she came here to Hawaii because she believed this was a sacred place. And there's a purpose she's here. Her cousin told us she's really turned her life around, because she's experienced the contrast, and truly wants to follow God. Sister Leng and I invited her to come back the next day (she spent a few hours here) so we could share more with her, but we didn't see her again. Sigh, it was a little frustrating because she related every good feeling here back to how true the 7th Day Adventist Church was, when she really felt the Spirit draw her here. And I just hope that she'll take the opportunity to study the Book of Mormon and connect the dots. It's not that often on my mission that I've met someone so sincere to submit their will to God, and so desirous that she truly felt Godly sorrow. We felt so much love for her, and hope that she'll be able to see and understand what we do one day.

2) I got an online referral from Ingrid, who is from Mississauga. She requested for a Book of Mormon and when I was asking how she became interested, she said she was impressed by how welcoming and sweet a group of members were (she works at a hotel, and checked them in). I love talking to people that are near home. The best missionary work is truly living by example.

3) A few days ago, I met a couple from Shanghai, and he listened in while I explained to another Taiwanese family about life after death. He asked me about Joseph Smith, and said he's gone to Temple Square in SLC, and learned a little about the early church history. He told me "I don't know much about Christianity, Catholicism, or other religions, but I feel a deep respect and really touched by what Joseph Smith experienced, to spread the gospel and to establish this church. He really made such an impact" (I wish I recorded this on my camera or something, that's how rare this kind of comment is). This is a miracle coming from a Chinese person, because usually they don't know much about early church history, but he really felt the Spirit at Temple Square when the sisters explained to him about Joseph Smith's life and journey. I offered him a guest card, but he already filled one out at Temple Square. I did get a picture with him though. Heavenly Father truly prepares people, to learn but also be touched by His Spirit. What a testimony builder for me to see. No man in their right mind would go through what Joseph Smith had, if he didn't know with his whole heart and mind that it was from God and it was the truth.

4) Sister Leng and I were talking about our fears in life, and how amazing it is that they're really just theoretical fears. All our fears in life can be dissolved with the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. There is nothing that we can't overcome, no question left unanswered, if we are fully converted to the Lord and this restored gospel. Of course we don't have the answers to everything, but we have what we need to have JOY in this life and in eternity. I'm so grateful for that!

Quote from General Conference:
“As we come to trust rather than resist our divine teacher, He can work with us to enlighten and lift us to a new reality.”—Elder D. Todd Christofferson, “Abide in My Love”


My new companion Sister Evans from California :)
 We made takoyaki (Japanese food with squid inside) with Brother and Sister Kishi yesterday for dinner. It was so fun and yummy!

Singing Aloha Oe to the dying sisters, I love Sister Ting haha. I'll see her at school when I'm back! She's the only Asian companion I've had so far.

Sister Leng and I! She'll be going back to Cambodia but hopefully will be in grad school at BYU too. She's so funny, and loves this gospel so so much. 

Sister Wu

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