Proud to be a Canadian!

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Happy belated Canadian Thanksgiving everyone! I totally did not think about it until Sister Lee told me haha. But I was able to meet quite a few Canadians on vacation who came to visit the temple.

The new sisters are getting used to missionary work here, and have really good companions who are helping them along. I wonder if I looked overwhelmed or shy when I first got here haha. I'm excited to get to know them better and serve them. They shared their testimonies this morning at VCTM, and I can tell that they'll face some challenges, but they'll have the faith to overcome them.

Sister Evans and I are getting along together super well, and she's such a great missionary. She's been a sister training leader for a long time, so I asked her a ton of questions the last few days, so I'm grateful she's pretty patient haha. There's a lot to do as an STL, but our capacity to love and help the sisters improve will come with time (at least for me).

Yesterday in the YSA Wards, there were some really good talks given. One of the Chinese guys said there's a Chinese proverb which says, "look at a person's childhood, and you can see their future" (something like that), and he said he can't believe that proverb. Why? Because we are constantly changing, who we were does not have to be who we will become. And that is the essence of God's plan, for us to progress, change, repent, be worthy to live with Him again. And judgement is not a day for us to be scared, but we have it because we CAN change through the Atonement. It's profound and simple at the same time. Because it's true.

1) Last Tuesday, I met a man named Robbie, and he was on the later tram tours, walking near the Book of Mormon display table. I started talking to him, and he said he didn't realize there were Mormon missionaries in Hawaii too! His best friend is a member in the Don Mills ward back home, and he's been to a few church activities even, but it was neat that Heavenly Father placed me in front of him so I could share my testimony and invite him to learn more. He was of course surprised when I said I'm from Toronto too, and he noticed how comfortable and easy it was for him to talk about religion here on the grounds compared to on the streets in Toronto when missionaries approached him (makes sense, because the temple grounds have been blessed). Definitely divine intervention. :)

2) Literally on that same day, I met another couple from a small town in Ontario a few hours away from Toronto, and she wanted to know about the temple, so I was able to take her to the lobby of the temple, and share the restoration with her. She's looking for the right church, and wanted to learn more! I couldn't help but feel so grateful to be serving here, and connecting with Canadians, and sharing the blessings of this gospel. I don't know these people, but Heavenly Father does! And when we talk to everyone, they have a chance to know God, to know His plan for them, and more peace and joy in their lives than ever before.

3) On another day, I met a Russian couple from Montreal. They were looking at the temple pictures, and asked the difference between us and just Christians, so I simply shared the restoration and bore my testimony about the Book of Mormon. They didn't really feel comfortable leaving a guest card, but took the Book of Mormon in Russian, and already started reading it while we waited for the tram to arrive. So cool! I know that there is converting power when others read the Book of Mormon sincerely. I know it is the word of God, and is the only way to gain a testimony of this restored gospel. I'll never find out what happens to them, but they'll remember this sacred place. :)

4) Amelia got baptized on Saturday!!! And confirmed a member of the church on Sunday. Some words she said about her feelings, "transforming, better, just assured, I have my family and I'm connected to Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father...I will be true to the covenant I made today. He is first, the promise comes first.  I don't plan on letting on letting them down." Miracles are wrought when there is faith. And Amelia has been so faithful, and all the barriers that prevented her from being baptized were resolved, when she pressed forward in faith.

Starting from next week, life for us will be hectic because we'll begin exchanges, and have interviews with President Bekker. But I'm excited! I love all the sisters here, and going on exchanges will be so fun because I'll actually be able to work alongside them for 24 hrs! :)
Sister Evans also warned me I'll be exhausted at some point too, but that's why we need the Atonement haha.

Scripture of the week: John 7:17
"If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself."


A few of the new sisters: Sister Lundgren(blond), Sister Staheli(back), Sister Taylor(glasses), me, and Sister Otani.
On Friday, we had a French Toast Party for breakfast, and I ate a kiwi berry. This is soo good. It's the size of a grape, but it tastes like a kiwi. 

We had a dinner drop off. It was authentic Fijian food. It was like a chicken curry wrapped in a pita-like naan bread thing. SO GOOD. I love food!
Today we went to the Hub on campus, I played some ping pong against Sister Evans. We're not very good at it, but it was still fun!

Sister Wu

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