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Wasn't General Conference so inspired? I just love that this time, there was a lot of focus on strengthening our faith, being grateful for the knowledge of this gospel, and trusting in the power and revelation received from sincere prayers. This morning in VC Training Meeting(VCTM), several sisters shared what they've learned, and what they'll do about it. Being a VC sister provides different challenges that are so different from other missions; some of us are struggling with testimonies, some with finding their purpose, and so many conference talks really addressed these needs. One of my questions I had for General Conference was how I can internalize the gospel more in my life (even though we live, learn, and teach it every day), and how my faith can continue to grow.

Some of the talks that really stood out to me:

  • President Uchtdorf (Sat Morning) - the more adept he was to technology, the easier it was for him to take it for granted, same goes for the gospel
  • Elder Neil L. Andersen (Sat Morning) - we're all a piece in a big puzzle. and we're all an important part of the big plan God has for us, especially in missionary work
  • Elder Yamashita (Saturday afternoon) - the story of the missionary, who was willing to serve God with everything he has, without complaint, without doubt, serving faithfully, accepting humbly His call
  • Elder Russell M. Nelson(Sunday Morning) - we're here to have JOY, and when we focus on Christ and the plan of happiness, we can truly find joy in every circumstance, it's a gift that comes from just trying
  • Elder David A. Bednar (Sunday afternoon) - when we do the will of the Father, grace can be applied, and we can trust in the assurances we've experienced and truly KNOW what we believe is true
  • Elder Ronald A. Rasband (Sunday afternoon) - when it comes to seeking for more knowledge, we have to make sure to hearken to the counsel of God, and to trust in the previous spiritual experiences we've had, and to trust that God will help us overcome trials

To be honest, I could probably say so many things I've learned from each of the conference talks. I know that the messages the general authorities shared address the problems that many people are facing, and I could feel the love of our Heavenly Father through their talks. We meet many people who have their faith tested, their testimonies tested, and it is just so sad for us to hear that. But with the help of God, we can build on what we do know, and continue to strengthen ourselves and others around us, if we seek learning from the scriptures, and from God. Every time I watch General Conference, I'm reminded of how much LOVE our Heavenly Father has for each of His children. We sustain the church leaders, and we are grateful for their dedicated service in their callings. I can't wait to study these talks more when the Ensign comes out!

Hearing from Elder Yamashita reminds me a lot of two Sisters we serve with, Sister Lee(Korean), who had so much faith in Christ and just listened when President Bekker said she needed to go home (health issues), and Sister Allen, who had to leave her mission in Japan to have surgery back home, but chose to serve again, being re-assigned here. She shared her testimony this morning, and her mom said she didn't have to come out again, but she wanted to serve the Lord, and here she is. Their examples so great for all of us, and I try to count my blessings every day that I can be here, to serve full-time, to spread the joy of this gospel, and to be changed by the Atonement of Jesus Christ. When we serve diligently, we can see the miracles!

At the VC:
1) One evening, I was able to call a few people who requested the Book of Mormon, living in South Africa, and Zimbabwe I think. It's amazing to hear their desire to strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ, and my first time really calling people there. The Lord is preparing people everywhere to receive the restored gospel, and it all beings with that sincere desire. :)

2) We picked up a phone call from a man named John yesterday, who was in a hospital, suffering from suicidal attempts and really needed someone to just listen to him. He's a member, but has made some really bad decisions in his life that led his family to leave him, but he still has a huge desire to read the scriptures and rely on God. Sometimes we are here for people, who just need someone to encourage them, and have faith in them, so they can be on their feet. What a blessing it is to be the Lord's hand like this, and to share my testimony with him.

3) Michael wanted to read the Book of Mormon because one of his friends suggested it; he's been looking for "someone more," but didn't want to meet with the local missionaries just yet. As I talked with him about what the Book of Mormon is, another testament of Jesus Christ, and invited him to read Joseph Smith's Testimony (a pamphlet you can find online too), his desire to learn really grew. For him, he does believe God can continue to send messages through prophets, so we aren't unguided. The promise is real, that the Spirit truly does touch the hearts of those who are prepared, even if I'm only talking to him through text really, but still being able to bear my testimony and inviting him to watch General Conference. :)

4) Ilya got baptized! I haven't gotten to call him to ask about it, but that's what it shows on the Teaching Center (online)!

If you haven't watched all the sessions of General Conference, you should:

 We found a centipede in our living room and teamed together to kill it, it was so fast! Two killing sprays, and Sister Lor with a knife. It was a pretty funny experience, this was when we ambushed. 

Zone Conference group picture! We focused a lot on the doctrine of Christ and how we show our understanding of it by our actions each day.

 Sunday morning breakfast! After the morning session, we're so lucky to have the senior sisters, who prepared all the delicious food options for us to eat!

Last night we were so blessed to eat this for dinner with Brother and Sister Li. Chinese hotpot is soo yummy. They are the sweetest!

Sister Wu

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