Exchanges with Sister Miao!

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To be honest, being a sister training leader has a lot of challenges, but many blessings too. I know I don't know everything, but Heavenly Father helps me to do what I can, and to learn from everyone I serve with. We finally met Sister Sicotte yesterday, coming straight from the MTC. She's called her Mandarin speaking, but she is from North Carolina. I'm excited to speak Chinese with her! Haha. We also went to two ward councils Sunday morning (married student ward and a young single adult ward) and we're trying to work with members more to see how we can help out. In our MLC (missionary leadership council) yesterday, President Bekker reminded us that we really should be the most effective when we team up with members. And at the visitors center, we have about 1800 interactions online each day, and all these people are interested in knowing something more. We're trying our best as VC sisters to help them here a voice (ours), or else they're pushed through the system.

1) We called to a member referral online who was truly changed the influence of the Spirit. His name is Paul and he was just feeling so hopeless in his life, and couldn't trust anyone because they've all betrayed him, we shared about the plan of salvation, God's love for him individually, and our testimonies of that. I ended our call with a prayer, and he was just speechless, he felt so much peace, and actually smiled for once in two weeks! He just couldn't understand how that was possible. The peace he felt after our conversation. We're looking forward to teaching him more. Miracles truly happen when we follow the Spirit's promptings, and bear our testimonies. I love seeing others changed, and feeling that joy and peace.

2) I had exchanges with Sister Miao and it was so interesting haha. It was my first exchange being a sister training leader, but it was fun to learn from her. She's from Taiwan, but her family moved to California when she was in high school. We had fun teaching the Chinese guests together, and I usually don't have a Chinese companion, so I was able to learn from her teaching too. Although it's now nearing the end of October, our Chinese buses have still been consistent!

3) Willy Burnell, from New Zealand, got baptized last Friday! It was super sweet to follow up with him and he was so so happy. "Only onward and upward!" It's so interesting how people become interested in the gospel. His students (he's a teacher) shared their beliefs with him, and to better understand them, he wanted to learn more. And now he has his own testimony of the Book of Mormon!

I'm grateful to serve here, and to see the Lord's work hastening everywhere! Sister Evans and I have been practicing teaching together in our companionship study, and learning a lot how to improve as well. I know that Heavenly Father calls each missionary to their mission for a reason, and we find that out as we serve. The people are meet, need our light and our testimonies. I know that the Atonement is the only thing in life that can give us lasting peace. Just like Paul experienced, even we need that reminder each day when we have heavy hearts or want to improve.

Scripture of the week: Ether 12:4
"Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God."


Sister Miao and I!
Taffie just got her mission call to serve in Australia Sydney South, Mandarin speaking! Sister Ting and I became good friends with her 6 months ago, and it's so amazing to see how her testimony has been strengthened and now preparing to serve!
​Yesterday at MLC, saw Sister Blackner. So happy. 

Sister Wu

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