God gives the increase

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This week was another wonderful week :)
We had MLC in town on Saturday and Elder LeGrand Curtis Jr. gave some training. He really focused on how Jesus Christ was the greatest of all, but also the biggest servant of all. A call to lead really is a call to serve those around us, as Christ did. "The church is like volleyball; we all have a chance to serve." 😋 No matter what our capacity is, Heavenly Father trusts us individually with callings to serve, and to be His hands. He does not love any one of us more than another, because like a parent, you love all your children. But just like Elder Christofferson said in his last talk, "God's love is infinite and will endure forever, but what it means for each of us depends on how we respond to His love."

1) I went on exchanges with Sister Elden in Hau'ula, and we were given a referral to visit Lea, without any background information. So we went in there blind, but prayed before we knocked on the door. Within minutes, she opened up to us about some deep struggles she's going through right now, and we were able to share how much Heavenly Father is wanting to bless and reach out to her. I could feel the Spirit of God as we listened and shared Mosiah 24 with her, when the Nephites had their burdens lifted. Sister Elden and Sister O'Brien have tried visiting previously but have never found her home. What a miracle that day, we were able to build that spiritual trust and meet her. As a missionary, sometimes I feel overwhelmed because so many people trust us to help them with their trials and the message of Jesus Christ we share can help them solve anything. But it anything we do, but everything that God does, to guide us.

2) Last time I talked about a student, who wanted us to meet her friend, who is at BYUH for an exchange. We got to meet her yesterday after church, and her name (in Mongolian) is really hard to pronounce...but it was neat introducing the gospel to her! She's married and has 4 daughters, and she said she's already feeling how this peaceful community and the temple, has helped her to be a more calm mother. She's already praying often and wants her family to know more about God, but I think Christianity is really uncommon in Mongolia, from what she's told us. Lots of potential here, and her experience is a testimony to me that there are so many ways for others to recognize God, and His love. We can be changed, and have more peace, through this gospel.

1) Sister Elden and I also talked to a man named Ben on chat (in his late 50s). He asked us what a sealing in the temple meant. Turns out his parents were converts to the church and got married in the Salt Lake Temple before he was born, and passed away only 6 months after he was born. On Christmas, he's reminded of the love they have for each other, and how the temple was one of their biggest goals. He's currently meeting with missionaries and learning more about what was so special to his parents. And we thought it was sweet that really, it isn't a coincidence he felt drawn towards our faith. He was born into a covenant that his parents made in the temple years and years ago! 

2) Earlier last week, Sister Allen and I met a member couple from Utah, and their friend named Mike. They talked to Elder Andrus (a senior missionary here) for a while, and then we were able to introduce the Christmas video with them! Mike had a strong Christian faith as well, and he loved the video. We saw that Elder Andrus already gave him the guest card, so we didn't really ask him to fill it out, but as they were about to leave, the good friend actually asked him if he'd like to fill it out and learn more, and he said yes! They've been friends for 20+ years and she shared her testimony with him as well. The power of member missionary work is real!

3) Online, I contacted a man named Martins, who lives in Italy. He's a member of the church from Nigeria, and is now in a refugee camp in Italy. He expressed how much he misses partaking of the sacrament(he hasn't been able to for 9 months), and how his spirit is really low, and really wants to connect with church in Italy. Reading his email made me really appreciate how blessed we are each week, to attend church, and partake of sacrament, and renew our covenants, and remember Jesus Christ. I'm so grateful for technology, which allowed us to send his info to the missionaries in Italy. And they can help him :)

4) Yesterday we chatted with Louise from Scotland, and she asked Sister Allen and I what we do when we face hard times in life. She said in the last few years, she's found the most comfort and peace from our beliefs, and wanted to learn more. I found that I could relate to her personal experiences, and Heavenly Father really is soo aware of our needs! We were online at that certain time, and was able to talk specifically to her. And she was so happy to know there were missionaries in Scotland! :)

5) Jannah from Ontario is planning to be baptized this coming Saturday! 

Scripture of the week: 1 Corinthians 3:5-7 (the apostles arguing who was baptized by who, and God reminds them that we are all servants in His process, and all the glory goes back to Him)

"5 Who then is Paul, and who is Apollos, but ministers by whom ye believed, even as the Lord gave to every man?

 6 I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.

 7 So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."

Don't forget to keep sharing #lighttheworld! And ways that you can serve others this season :)


​Sister Elden and I behind beach pads (where this is right behind their backyard) :) She's so awesome! She's a convert of a year ago. 

​Lunch at MLC - Sister Lor, Sister Ng, Sister Swinton, Elder Swinton (VC Director), me, Sister Allen

​A beautiful sunset with a rainbow just peeking behind :) 

​We had lunch with the Swintons today, and Sister Swinton bakes the best homemade bread in the world! She is the author of President Thomas S. Monson's biography "To the Resue"

Sister Wu

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