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I'm back at the visitors center and it's honestly a little weird haha. I used to serve in a family ward, well two actually, but now I'm covering some YSA wards on campus and one married student ward! Going to church felt like being back at BYU Provo because we're all students haha. There are quite a few changes I'm getting used to; for example, now there are more companionships on shift in the late afternoon/evening shift to accompany the additional visitors that come from the tram tours from the Polynesian Cultural Center. Usually the 6:00, 6:20, ad 6:30 pm tours have two trams for guests but now there's an additional little bus we call Tram Lion. I hear we have to stand and give the tours and have not experienced that one yet, but it allows more people to come visit the temple grounds. :)
Last Wed I was so stressed out because my previous VC companions left my muumuus(what we wear in the VC and on tram) with Sister Swinton but she could not find them anywhere! But thankfully she found it the next day...phew. 

Since most of the students at BYUH are members of the church, the few non-members either have shown clear disinterest in meeting with missionaries or they're hard to get ahold of. Sister Ting told me there isn't much progress with investigators but a lot of our work is strengthening the students that are members. I think about my scripture study and praying back at school and realized it wasn't very good at all, so I could definitely relate to students here haha. As missionaries, it's easy to take for granted our desire to read scriptures or pray sincerely. Yesterday we talked to a freshman named Vonry, and she had a semester full of personal trials and didn't want to pray anymore. We both bore testimony of how praying invites the Spirit and Heavenly Father's love into our lives and after she wrote down what she would say in a prayer, she realized how many blessings she has in her life. It dawned on me how easily we can forget the gospel's influence in our lives, the blessings and miracles we've seen, when we stop praying. Satan has a way of making us feel comfortable in our lives, so we forget Heavenly Father's hand in our lives.

Yesterday we also had a musical fireside with a children's choir performing and people were just overflowing out the doors! I was reminded of the firesides from December and how much of a special spirit music brings into the hearts of people. I am so grateful for the Spirit that can be felt on temple grounds and all the experiences in the last three months that have helped me be more natural at talking with strangers and getting to know them haha. I gave a tour to the sweetest couple who came here to celebrate their 25th anniversary, and they said they believe in God and what Christ has done, but haven't found the right church yet, because they haven't felt the Spirit or people living what they preach. I shared with them how that's exactly how Joseph Smith felt when he wanted to know the truth and invited them to learn more. They didn't leave a guest card with me, but I know their hearts were open, and maybe they will in due time. 

Another random thing! Well, actually kind of cool. Sister Ting and I also teach a few members of the married student ward English, using the articles from the Ensign magazine. It totally reminds me of Toronto where the missionaries teach ESL, but we totally do not have the same resources haha... but Jinjing and Li have such cool experiences of how they came to know the church. Yesterday we also talked to a student who had a referral for us, and it was a Chinese lawyer who told him he was more interested in learning about the church because he plans to get his Masters degree at BYU! I am amazed at how so many people from China are hearing of the gospel. It's pretty great :)

Every day at the VC is a surprise. Instead of giving tours inside the VC of the whole tram group, we try to focus on people that we feel are open and ready to learn more. Sometimes I'm just looking for someone to talk to because it feels like so many VC sisters are talking to everyone! (which is really great).
There's such a drastic change between getting to know all the families in the Kaneohe 4th Ward and now covering 6 different YSA wards....Sister Ting has served in this area for 7 months now and still doesn't know everyone(it's virtually impossible). Thankfully I haven't forgotten the tram tour, I still got a nervous on Saturday when we split to give our own tours.

Scripture of the week: Mormon 8:22
“For the eternal purposes of the Lord shall roll on, until all his promises shall be fulfilled.”

At transfer meetup! Sister Lee, Sister Blackner and I

Elder Andrus and Elder Smith preparing our french toast breakfast :)

Sister Ting and I

After tram

Transfer theme! So cute.

Sister Wu

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